Vellore Mavattam Movie Review – same old cop(y) movie

Vellore Mavattam Movie Review

Vellore Mavattam Movie Review

Cast: Nandha, Poorna, Azhagam Perumal, Santhanam, S. Neelakandan
Production: AGS Entertainment (P) Ltd
Direction: R.N.R. Manohar
Music: Sundar C Babu
Cinematography: Vetri

Police story is the delight of any actor. Every famous hero has one or two cop movies to his credit and here Nandha gets a chance to get glory by donning Kakhi. Vellore Mavattam (VM), directed by R.N.R. Manohar, is all about a police officer confronting the all powerful system that is essentially corrupt. How he emerges triumph is the crux of the story.

Story Line

Most of the cop stories pit the honest police officer against powerful anti-social elements and Vellore Mavattam is no exception. Set in Vellore, VM tells you the story of ASP Muthukumar, who wants to use his position to do good for the people instead of being a stooge of the politicians and rich people.
Muthukumaran (Nandha), hails from poor background. His father (G M Kumar) makes him study IPS. He gets trained at National Police Academy and gets placed as Additional Superintendent of Police (ASP) in Vellore district.
He starts his duty with earnest. He cleans up the rotten system with his stern actions and makes Vellore a better place in all respects. He gains popularity but he is stopped by a corrupt rich man Gurumurthy (Azhagam Perumal), who is supported by a minister (Neelakanadan) politician.
Motivated by his close relatives, Muthukumar is determined to fight it out. He plans his way to check mate the baddies. The villain group gives him tough time and the climax shows how he triumphs.

Script Review

The script doesn’t show the hero as an all powerful superman. It shows his failures. The hero almost withdraws from the fight but he is motivated by his father and wife to launch a determined fight against the corrupt persons. But the movie resembles many films like Saamy, Kakka Kakka, Sathyam, and many more. That the movie doesn’t have anything new to tell us is the biggest minus point of the movie.

Cast Review

Nandha looks fit and smart and fits the bill as a tough cop. He fights well. But his ever-serious look even in romantic sequences doesn’t look nice.

Poorna is there to dance in a couple of songs. Period.

Santhanam brings some laughter but the comedy track has nothing special about it. Azhagam Perumal as cunning villain plays his part well. G.M. Kumar, Sriman, and Mayilsamy are adequate.
Cinematographer Vettri’s camera has captured the stunts well. The scenes in police academy are treat to the eyes. Sundar C Babu has done a good job but none of the songs stays in our minds.

Positive Points

Nandha’s portrayal of police officer and cinematography.

Negative Points

Routine script, slow pace, and a predictable climax.


Vellore Mavattam has nothing new or novelty to impress us.

Vellore Mavattam: same old cop(y) movie.


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