Vedi Movie Review-Old cracker fails to make any impact

Vedi Movie Review

Vedi Movie Review

Cast: Vishal, Sameera Reddy, Poonam Kaur, Vivek, Devi Sri Prasad and Sophie Choudry
Director: Prabhu Deva
Producer: G K Film Corporation – Vikram Krishna and Shreya Reddy
Music: Vijay Antony
Cinematography: R D Rajasekar

If you are the one who is satisfied with a collage of fights, songs, sentiments and other ‘masala’ elements in a film, Vedi may surpass your expectations. For this Prabhudeva-directed, Vishal-starrer movie is a full-length commercial entertainer which gives no work to the brain. You come, enjoy and go.

After a serious outing in Avan Ivan with Bala, Vishal is in full form in an outright commercial movie. The man who shot to fame with films like Sandakozhi and Thimiru, in the association of Prabhudeva, has come out with a Telugu remake (Souryam), which is as hot and as spicy as Andhra meals. But a feel of déjà vu prevails all through, which may not impress those who expect certain amount of novelty.

Story Line

Prabhakaran (Vishal) comes to Kolkata from Thuthukkudi. The reason for his travel is conspicuous. In the capital city of West Bengal, he meets Deepa (Poonam Kaur) and seeks her help for his stay. In the meantime, he comes across a vivacious Paro (Sameera Reddy) and her gang of friends.

Meanwhile, some evil elements trouble Divya and Prabhakaran comes to her help. Even as Paro slowly falls for Prabhakaran, a flashback reveals that he has some scores to settle in his life. There is a sibling story which is coupled with an underworld backdrop. Prabhakaran is hunted by lot of goons in Kolkatta, as he is the man who had challenged the all powerful underworld don (Sayaji Shinde) of Thuthukkudi with success. The don wants to kill him and he has found that Prabhakaran has a sister. He starts playing a crude game but Prabhakaran is game for it.

Who is Prabhakaran? Why he is in Kolkata? Why doesn’t he reveal his identity to his sister? What happens to the love story? The latter half answers all the questions.

Script Review

Like all commercial action movies Vedi too tries to tell the story of a brave young man taking on an all powerful underworld network single handedly. We have seen this super hero story umpteen number of times and hence the story doesn’t inspire us. The sibling angle is the only new thing in the story. The way Vishal makes Sayaji Shinde roam around to save his life has been narrated well. Otherwise the movie is full of predictable events and clichés.

Everything including the climax gives us a déjà vu feeling. Prabudeva has disappointed us.

Cast Review

Vishal as a macho man is energetic from scene one till end. As an angry young man, loving brother and a youth in love, he is at his best.

Sameera Reddy is tall, beautiful and performs well too. She adds glamour quotient in abundance in song sequences.

Vivek tries to provide comic relief in vain. He has been repeating the ‘affair’ with the heroine since Dhool days.

Poonam Kaur looks pleasant and emotes well.

Music by Vijay Antony adds pep to the proceedings. The songs have variety and appeal. R D Rajasekhar’s lens captures the beauties of Kolkata well.

Positive Points

Stunt cartography, cinematography, Vishal’s power packed performance, Sayaji’s comical villainous act, and Sameera’s glamour.

Negative Points

Predictability, déjà vu feeling, and lacking in novelty.


Vedi aims to be a commercial entertainer but fails to entertain as it lacks in novelty or newness. If you have more than two hours to kill on a weekend, Vedi may be your destination.

Vedi: Old cracker fails to make any impact



  1. Smile

    I think his best films till date are Thimiru,Sandaikozhi and Avan Ivan.He was just repeating the action,punch dialogue stuff in his other movies.His movies gives me the feel of watching a Telugu flick.I think he should start doing more character roles instead of challenging villains….I more or less understood the story of Vedi.Not that impressive….

  2. malevolent

    rofl @ this line
    “If you have more than two hours to kill on a weekend, Vedi may be your destination.”

    nan enda padathoda  trailera pakumbotha edhu oru mokkanu purinjukittan 

  3. Smile

    That movie was horrible….adhule kooda avan mahimaiyai dhan peethikitu erundhan.Thangale!The saving grace was the 3 heroines and Santhanam comedy…

  4. abcd

    agreed! his talent is different and he cannot fit as action hero. sound koduthu pesa face venum adhu ivankitta illa…his type of movie is avan ivan or sandakozi etc…

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