Varnam Movie Review

Varnam Tamil Movie Review

Varnam Movie Review

Cast: Sampath Raj, Monica, Aadhish, Giri, Aswatha
Direction: S.M. Raju
Music: Issac Thomas

Director S.M. Raju has dared to make a movie with an off-beat theme in Varnam that speaks about the mind of an adolescent boy.

Story Line

The movie is told the perspective of a school boy Mani (Giri). Mani’s father is killed by Velu alias Anwar (Aadhish), in a group clash in a village. Shattered Mani develops an erratic behavior. This fetches him bad name in the neighbourhood. His mother, who struggles hard to grow him up, decides to send him to her brother’s house hoping that his uncle would make his life better.

Uncle Durai (Sampath Raj), a rich landlord, is a womeniser. Mani enjoys life in his rich uncle’s house. However he slowly becomes a better person, thanks to the efforts by his teacher Kavitha (Monica).
Mani falls in love with his classmate Thangam (Aswatha) but his uncle spoils her life by using her for his lust. Mani is shocked and shattered.
Meanwhile plans are on to get Kavitha married to Durai but Kavitha loves a person, who happened to be the murderer of Mani’s father. Mani comes to know that his beloved teacher loves the murderer of his father.
How Mani handles this is the climax.

Script Review

Director S.M. Raju has to be applauded for choosing a different storyline. When most of the filmmakers make films based on routine masala stuff, this man has the guts to go for an off-beat theme. He develops the story and the conflicts well. The characterization is also done well. But he has failed to create a gripping screenplay. The movie has the potential to be an engrossing experience but a slow moving script fails to excite us.

Cast Review

Sampath Raj does his role with conviction while Monica steals the show with her authentic performance. Young Giri is a surprise package. Others including Aswatha have done their respective parts well.
Issac Thomas and he come up with a few melodious tunes. Village carnival song sounds nice. Raju’s camera has captured the songs well.

Positive Points

Different story, strong performances, and music.

Negative Points

Slow pace and lack of exciting elements.


The director has wasted the potential of the different storyline by presenting the story in a slow and at times, dull manner.

Varnam: Lacks clarity and brightness.


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