Vamsam Movie Review:Trip to Interior madurai

Vamsam Movie Review

Vamsam Movie Cast and Crew

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Cast: Arulnidhi, Sunaina, Ganja Karuppu, Jaya Prakash, Anupama, Rajkumar
Direction: Pandiraj
Production: M K Thamizharasu
Music: Taj Noor

Pandiraj, who gave the hit Pasanga, returns back with Vamsam, and spins a new version of the age old tradition-and-bloodshed story, with a good many of his own touches.Also Vamsam is the launch pad for Arulnidhi Thamizharasu, CM Karunanidhi’s grandson

Vamsam Movie Story

Vamsam is about the traditions of the Thevar community in the Madurai regions.The are 11 sects belonging to this community and the main ones being Nandan Koppan, Nanjunda Ma Oh Si, Vanathi Virayar, Yanaiyaik Kutriya Ainutru Puraiyar, Kanaatu Puraiyar and Eppadu Pattalum Pirpadu Kodathavar.

And this movie talks about one such grudge between two families, the hero’s ‘Eppadu Pattalum Pirpadu Kedathavar’(excels in rekla, silambam and other such games ) Vs villain’s, ‘Nanjunda Ma O Si’(avenges any form of humiliation) played by Jayaprakash,

The hero is the only descendant of his family after father Kishore is poisoned by jayaprakash. Then mother, brings her son up in such way so that he doesn’t glue to his family’s ancestral violent shades and completes his post graduation in Botany. Between all this, a love story happens between Arulnidhi and Sunaina, a bubbly, happy yet brave and courageous girl. Unable to manage a cow (Asin), Arulnidhi sells it to Sunaina’s family but Asin runs back to Arulnidhi’s house. This leads to interesting interactions between the couple which ultimately blossom into love. Asin plays the messenger of love between the couple and the reason for their frequent meetings.

Meanwhile, Sunaina’s father who belongs to Vanathi Virayar, the class of giving out justices, hands out a verdict in favor of Jayaprakash’s servant who was ill treated by him. Irked by the disgrace Jayaprakash kills him. Upset by this, Sunaina throws a pail of dung over Jayaprakash’s face in open street which is the height of embarrassment for a person in the community. This triggers the series of revenge episodes in a relay fashion and where it all leads and ends form the rest of Vamsam.

Vamsam Cast and Crew Review

The persons to watch our for are Sunaina,Cameraman Mahesh Muthusamy and kishore,

In the department of performances, a deglamorized Sunaina takes the cake revealing that she can deliver any type of role. Her character will be talked about and so will her performance.

Arulnidhi, the debutant, has performed well, long way to go.

Madhu as Arulnidhi’s mother has a lot of screen time. She’s done her role well.

Jayaprakash the care taking teacher in Pasanga,as the villain is wicked

Rajkumar as Jayaprakash’s son has also acted fiercely. As an avenging son, he fits the role perfectly.

Ganja Karuppu along with Arul Nidhi take care of comedy department which are enjoyable.

Appearing in the flashback, Kishore plays the role of Arulnidhi’s father. Though he comes only for a brief while in the movie, he has made his mark! He’s executed neatly crafted performance with emotions-packed! Something similar to what he did in ‘Porkalam’ but an improvised version in this movie.


The first technician who will have to be appreciated is Mahesh Muthuswamy, the director of photography. His camera has managed to capture rustic details in every frame. The celebrations in the village, the ‘jalli kattu’ scenes, etc have been shot amazingly that even the villagers may not have been aware of the shots being taken. The action sequences and chasing scenes have been brilliantly captured as well. Scene to be noted: Watch the scene where Kishore shakes head and so does the camera, giving you a feel of dizziness. Well shot!

The next is stunt director Silva who has adopted an intelligent fight design as the hero’s not a giant with muscular physique. The fights are practical and nothing really cinematic.

Music director Taj Noor; an erstwhile assistant of A R Rahman, shows potential especially in the pada pada pattampoochi number. He is efficient and sure to go places with the right kind of opportunity.

The editor, Yoga Basker also deserves appreciation for his apt pruning, yet further more would have impressed the audience!

The sound department of the movie, i.e. the audiography by Lakshmi Narayanan is classy. He’s got hold of valuable sound inputs from the villages, especially during the customary celebrations in the villages.

Pandiraj has also penned the dialogues for the movie. When it matters, they are subtle and straight forward. A cheerful person he is, he has made sure the fun element in the movie is not lost. Comedy as an ingredient is abundant in the movie.The screen play does tend to get wobbly at times and meanders here and there making it to difficult to connect with the film. Although there are incidents of killing, they have not been depicted grotesquely.

Over All: Vamsam: trip to Interior madurai



  1. tamil

    mokka padathuku publicitya paaru,….

    indha vaarisu kalacharam ozhiya vendum..

    If they are talented,they should not use their power of their family to enter.

  2. Fishinggames Free

    vamsam is nice to watch. not a 'mokka' movie. though hero is from veteran family he does well in acting. not everyone will get the talent of acting. regarding movie first class ! another world of village people and full tribute to tamil culture.

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