Vaagai Sooda Vaa Movie Review-Message with Fun

Vaagai Sooda Vaa Movie Review

Vaagai Sooda Vaa Movie Review

Cast: Vimal, Bhagyaraj, Iniya, Ponvannan, Thambi Ramaiya, Thennavan
Direction: Sarkunam
Production: S. Muruganandam (Village Theaters), N.Puranna
Music: M.Ghibran
Cinematography: Om Prakash

Director Sarkunam and actor Vimal made their presence felt with Kalavani. If it was a fun outing, their next Vaagai Sooda Vaa is strikingly different. It is an intense film carrying a strong message. Sarkunam has ensured that it is no preachy stuff and laced it up with some commercial elements.

Story Line

Set in a remote village in Pudukottai, the movie features Veluthambi (Vimal), son of Annamalai (K. Bhagiyaraj), who wants him to take up a government job. To prepare his son for the government job he advices him to go to a village to educate children working in a bricklin.

Things change Velu’s life when he reaches the village. He is in for a shock when he realizes that children do not want to study. Since the parents are not aware of the needs of the education they are not interested in sending their kids to study. Discouraged by this environment he decides to go back.

Meanwhile, local girl Madhi (Iniya), who runs a small tea shop cum hotel, gets attracted towards him. Though Velu likes her innocence he doesn’t develop any such feelings. The girl gets dejected.

Velu finally finds ways to make the kids study. Since his efforts make people aware of the exploitation they are subjected to, they raise their voice against it and hence local landlord gets agitated. He sends some goons to oust the teacher but the village firmly stands by him.

Velu is now caught in a dilemma. He has got an order for a government job, which is his dream. But his heart beats for the village.
What does he decide? What happened to the love of Madhi? Watch the film to know the answers.

Script Review

Vaagai Sooda Vaa may be a period film (set in 1960s). But the content is relevant even for the contemporary times. The need to educate children forms the crux. A wholesome solution for all problems in the society is providing education to one and all. Providing formal education to children, who are deprived of it would bring a sea change to the society.

This is what Sarkunam conveys through this period flick.

The director drives home this point without sounding preachy. He has given the message with multi-dimensional entertainment elements. The movie has romance, comedy, sentiments, sorrow and lot of fun. Sarkunam has narrated the story smoothly. The kids playing pranks on Velu are hilarious.

The film does have its share of flaws. There are certain clichés in the form of villain and his ways of doing things. The pace of the movie could have been faster.

Cast Review

Vimal does what is given to him well. He plays a little serious role, which he does with ease. His exchanges with the children are nice to watch.

The young Iniya is impressive. Her spontaneous emotions and expressions hold good for the film.

Bhagyaraj as usual leaves his presence felt with his performance while Thambi Ramiah rocks in a small but significant role. Ponnvannan and Thennavan are competent.

Watch out for the group of young kids in the film. They may simply sweep your feet with their performance.

Ghibran’s music and Om Prakash’s cinematography adds strength. Ghibran’s background score is so matured that you cannot believe that he is a newcomer. The Song Sara Sara Saara kathu stands out while others sound good.

Seenu’s art and Om Prakash’s cinematography recreate the 1960s before our eyes. Costumes by Natraj seems have been created after thorough research.

Positive Points

Story, narrative style, fun filled moments, acting, cinematography, art direction, and music.

Negative Points

Clichés in the script and slow pace


Director Sarkunam has proved his mettle handling a serious issue apt and leaves his mark as a skilled filmmaker who has firm grip over the medium. The movie is worth watching for its narrative style and message.

Vaagai Sooda Vaa: Message with Fun



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