Va Quarter cutting movie review

Va Quarter Cutting
Va Quarter Cutting

Va Quarter cutting movie review

Starring ShivaSPB Charan and Lekha Washington in the lead roles.

Kalyan, John Vijay and Abhinayashree play supporting cast

It deals with the adventure rather misadventures in the life of Sura, relentless in search of liquor before heading to Saudi Arabia where alcohol is forbidden. This is the theme the director duo of Pushkar-Gayathri chose to elaborate on.

The story is a half – hearted try to amuse the viewer supported with the cheesy choice of characters donning polka shirts, a fake Michael Jackson, prostitutes in red costume and a girl named Saraswathi (Lekha Washington ) who has failed her Plus Two exams thrice and wants to commit suicide. The script is quite confusing and unsatisfactory.

The unique feature that stands out in the movie has been the inclusion of many parts of Chennai which have not been explored before.The director pair of duo Pushkar-Gayathri who already made their name for their unique style of film making for  the movie ‘Oram Po’ have successfully brought along their wacky style here, but turning out to be much more of a glossy comedy affair this time.

You will be surprised in the beginning by the number of characters involved. The storyline has a place for all the characters; it will take a little time to realize that. Although the introduction of characters has been hap hazard the way they gel cohesively on screen is impressive.Liquor is the driving force behind the script of this movie. You have to watch it and understand how precious a bottle of liquor could add so much joy to someone’s life! ..What a thought. The whole theme is quite intriguing.

Its all about the young man and his craze for a quarter, but the extent of exploration seems exaggerated.Some sequences appear forced. It seems quite a formulaic effort.  Shiva’s role has been the saving grace for the movie his skills will be liked.The movie doesn’t have a smooth ride; it gets a little irritating with the occasional over the top ‘attempted ‘comedy.

Technically sound team of Nirav Shah, has lifted the spirits, he has brilliantly captured the night scenes with utter detail practically taking you on a ride through the city and its night streets, alleys, scanty and dusky brothels. He has effectively brought out Chennai in a splendid style not hesitating in showing you the other side of the city too.

Anthony’s editing has stayed top notch, especially the car chase scene.  The song Thediye Thediye has great visuals to it complimenting the music.
The choice of exploring one’s own nativity has really made the movie setup in a really honest environment quite apt to the script, well worth praise.

This movie is aimed much more at the younger crowd and doesn’t leave a thinking mind to do a lot. Next time you have a quarter just give it thought before you gulp it down in one go.



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