Uthama Puthiran music review

Uthama Puthiran
Uthama Puthiran

We decided to do a music review on Uthama Puthiran just before the movie releases on November 5 2010 on the eve of Deepavali.

Uthama Puthiran is being released under the banner of Balaji Studios directed by Mithran Jawahar starring Dhanush and Genelia, has its music being composed by Vijay Antony.

Here goes the review:

Ussumu Laresay

Ussumu Laresay starts with rapper trying it hard .The lyrics seem to be made up just to engage those ready to jump out of their seats to dance.A really weak backing track where the guitars dont cut through, everything has been left to the bass guitar to carry along.

Kan Irrandil

Naresh Iyer catces you with his soulful intro to the song, the song moves on to without much change in the rhythm except for the much predictable beats.

Although the vocal variations have helped the song to maintain the spice.The flutes sound true to the feel.

Idicha Pacharisi

A chorus singing right away invites you with a warm welcome. A hook in the song ‘thon tha na thon tha na’ has been used effectively, simple melodies to its effect . Chorus sing in call in response adding to happening mood of the song ,makes you feel there is a gathering happening.A song you will remember, but not for long.

En Nenju

An unecessay intro to the song… just kills it… the classical sound of the violin has been used effectively to create an intense foundation for the melody.The vocals seem to be just out of relation to the violins , something doesnt seem right when smooth melodies and booming violins combine,Vijay Prakash who sung ‘Hosanna’ was expected to deliver something more, some parts being treated with unique vocal effects make the lyrics really hard to listen in the between, nothing noteworthy of the drums but noteworthy is the fact that they dont overpower the track like some other songs.The violin hook is just , the only one to stand out that may make the track stand out in the album.

Thooral Podum

A romantic guitar,flute , piano, and then bang a hip hop drum beat, the melodies will really make you feel like a feather, but as you fly you need to remember you need to keep nodding your head to the beat YO! YO!, handle it if you can. Ajeesh and Janani Iyer combine to create a smooth number here.

Ulagam Unakku

Seem like theĀ  music director went to a latin fest before he composed this one, a daily song for the pub near you, with a happy guitarist playing going mad in between is what this song is all about, a typical cheap example of repetitive drum samples being used.



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