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Cast: Arulnidhi, Praneetha, Santhanam, Ashish Vidyarthi, Bhanupriya, Mano Bala

Production: Muthamizh Padaippagam

Direction: Chaplin

Music: Manikanth Kadri

Cinematography: S.D. Vijay Milton

Former Chief Minister M. Karunanidhi’s grandson Arulnidhi’s second movie had created some expectations and the presence of a new director (Chaplin) and music director (Kadri Gopalnath’s son Manikanth Kadri) had added reasons to look forward to the film. Debutant director Chaplin’s Udhayan falls under the category of films like Sandakozhi, Malaikkottai, Thimiru, and Thenavattu. He hasn’t tried to do anything different except for a couple of twists towards the end. The movie fails to evoke any interest, as the usual love story in the backdrop of a rivalry between two powerful warring groups is told in a predictable manner.


The story opens with a scene where a dreaded gang leader (Ashish Vidyarthi) is frantically searching for someone. The montage shots suggest that the man being searched is Udhayan (Arulnidhi) who works as an Assistant manager in a leading bank’s loan section.

The scenes portraying the young man’s daily routine don’t make us believe that he would be involved in criminal activities in any way. The guy leads his life as any other city youngster. He falls for a beautiful girl Priya (Praneetha) and it is, as usual, love at first sight. The guy plays some usual tricks to woo the girl who doesn’t resist much to reciprocate. Priya belongs to an orthodox Brahmin family but her father works as an auditor with a big gangster in the city.

The movie moves ahead with predictable and tame romantic scenes and a few mysterious scenes involving Ashish Vidyarthi’s search. The turning point comes when Priya’s father seeks his boss’s help to separate Udhayan from his daughter. Since her father doesn’t want the boy killed, the gangsters plan to threaten him. Things take a drastic turn when some of the goons identify the boy. It was the same guy whom they want to get rid of.

Surprisingly, it is the same guy whom Ashish too wants to meet. When the goons try to kill him he saves him and kills the brother of the gang leader. This makes the gang leader launch an all out attack on Ashish and the boy, who is actually his son(Udhayanidhi).

Priya meanwhile stays away from Udhayan, who is the son of a dreaded gangster. Udhayan reveals her his real story (it is where the twist comes in to play) and redeems his love.

The city gang leader, who already has a feud with Ashish Vidyarthi’s gang, has more reasons to kill them, as his brother is killed by Ashish. The hunt begins but Udhayan is not inclined to get into the violent mode though his father Ashish wants him to do so. The climax shows how he escapes the wrath of the gangsters without shedding blood.


Arulnidhi, who impressed in his first movie, has failed to improve his caliber as an actor. He scores in action sequences but falls flat when it comes to romantic scenes. The tall guy looks smart in trendy outfits but he has to learn to emote. The young man has a long way to go.

Praneetha looks beautiful and emotes well. She is able to charm the audiences with minute changes in her expressions in romantic scenes. She also does well when she is shocked to know the background of her lover. Her figure proves to be a plus point in song sequences where she shows no inhibitions.

Santhanam makes us laugh with his sharp one-liners. It would be better if he does away with his objectionable remarks on girls. Ashish Vidyarthi has nothing new to do.

Kadri’s son Manikanth has given a couple of good numbers (Eththanai Yugamai and another duet). His background score is competent.

S.D. Vijay Milton is a major strength of the movie. He has captured the romantic and action scenes equally well.


Praneetha’s charming beauty, Santhanam’s comedy, Manikanth’s music, Vijay Milton’s camera work, and Arulnidhi’s performance in action sequences are the positives of the film.


Arulnidhi’s failure in romantic scenes and the director’s failure in drafting a script with some new elements are the major let downs.


It is a pity that a new director could not conceive even a single scene on his own. The predictable and boring screenplay plays the spoilsport and makes the film a forgettable experience.

Udhayan -Damp Squib.


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