Thoonga Nagaram Movie Review

Thoonga Nagaram Movie Review
Thoonga Nagaram Movie Review

Thoonga Nagaram Movie Review

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Cast: ‘Kalavani’ fame Vimal, Anjali, Bharani, Nishanth, Gaurav
Direction: Gaurav
Production : Dayanidhi Alagiri
Music : Sundar  C. Babu

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As the narration progresses a group of friends with the director being one amongst them take charge of the events with the beautiful city of Madurai supporting them in the background..

The background voice introduces us to three people alongside a burning person who as you guessed is the fourth person.

Well, in the past they have been thick friends. Hereby, the director starts in reverse mode riding us 6 months back in time.

The plot develops with a scene where a cloth merchant’s son along with the local ruffian’s find a thrill for scandalous pictures of girls changing their sarees in their store .After which they force them in to sexual acts.

Bang here comes Superman oops! It is Kannan (Vimal) who confronts the bad guys one day and leaves the don’s son heavily injured. He beats them up so severely to an extent that a eye gets damaged.

You have probably guessed by now what Big Daddy must be up to next, yes an eye for an eye, which exactly has been the golden solution in movies to justify what goes wrong.

As soon as the news reaches the friendly quartet’s ears they are alert and try their best to stay away from the ruffians clutches and are now underground.

No one upsets the don as you know, and he really wants Kannan and his friend’s dead by now. For the very reason now, Kannan has trouble coming his way.

Well what happens next? That is precisely why should hit the theatre.

Cast Review

Kannan (Vimal), Ayyavu (Nadodigal fame Barani), Rajamani (director Gaurav) and Mariappan (Nishanth) play a gang of friends busy making their living in Madurai.

Kalaivani (Anjali) plays a local TV compere and Kannan’s child hood friend. As friendship over time develops into love ship between Kannan and Kalaivani and the story finds its route from there on.

As for Anjali she is at her natural best as always and Bharani proves that he is really the best choice.

Nishanth portrays the character of a dumb person and he has pulled it off with comfortable grace, really impressive.

There was one scene that goes down as the biggest let down in the whole movie where Kannan (Vimal) reacts to his friends’ betrayal. It seems life isn’t at all so precious to him or was he really playing the loud and proud hero still needs to be sorted out.

V.N. Chidambaram has brought along his characteristic expressions to good effect.

Plus Points

Santhanam’s authentic art work needs mention.

The director has really concentrated on the climax, and he gets brownie points for his efforts.

In terms of acting all four male actors along with Anjali have performed well.

Being a movie centered on violence and fights the movie surely has been controlled to an extent .Gaurav has successfully injected a dance number too and well nothing seems way too glamorous or overdone .To say the least it is a perfect setup for a U certificate.

Minus Points

Music by Sundar C Babu, did not impress us.

After all this movie was about Madurai , there should have been more takes, with the beautiful city having so much to offer.

Anjali, seems to have put on weight? Well, keeping in mind that she had such a pivotal role here it surely is a cause of worry.

It all seems to boil down to one worked out climax, we wonder if there is anything more that will stick to our heads after we walk out of the theatres.

Many scenes have been left out carelessly; they should have been chopped making the plot crisper.

Thoonga Nagaram has a hint of comedy that doesn’t really help it.


Well it surely is a watch for all the Anjali fans, as for us well we would say there is nothing more to it than a one time watch.

We leave you with what Dhayanidhi Azhagiri had to say about the response

Excellent theater response for Thoonga Nagaram. Especially for the second half. Thank u people

We think it is just a promotion trick though.


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