Thambi Vettothi Sundaram Movie Review

Thambi Vettothi Sundaram Movie Review

Thambi Vettothi Sundaram Movie Review

Thambi Vettothi Sundaram Movie Review

Cast: Karan, Anjali, Saravanan, Kadhal Dhandapani, Kanja Karuppu
Direction: Vadivudayan
Production: Senthil Kumar
Music: Vidyasagar

Thambi Vettothi Sundaram by Vadivudaiyan is said to be based on a real incident that took place in Kanyakumari district. Karan plays the lead role ably supported by Anjali, Saravanan, Kadhal Dhandapani, Kanja Karuppu among others. The movie has created quite a sensation before its release. Let us see if it has lived up to the expectation.

Story Line

Kanyakumari is boasted as the district with maximum number of literates in Tamilnadu. Sadly it is the place where crime rate is high reveals a statistic. Perhaps this has prompted director Vadivudayan to try his hand at exploring the reasons behind it. He has touched upon on the real-life story of a graduate-turned-gangster Vettothi Sundaram, who hailed from the district.
Sundaram (Karan), a post-graduate, wants to end up with a government job. But the corrupt officials play spoilsport on his dreams.

Thanks to his friend Salai (Saravanan), who is into illegal trade, he overcomes dejection. There is a romantic tale when Sundaram comes across Lourdu Mary (Anjali), daughter of a gangster, who is a dreaded gangster.
Turn of events leaves Sundaram to get involved in illicit arrack trade and he becomes a middleman helping gangster smuggle goods.
When things go well and Sundaram plans to marry Lourdu, all hell breaks loose. A revenge game results in bloodshed and a gore ending.

Script Review

There were enough protests from a few outfits in kaniyakumari over the movie’s release. With all dust settled down, the movie made its way to theatres. Sadly, the movie that promised a lot fizzles out to an emotional pot-boiler losing track as it progresses. The movie has been told in a lackluster manner and disappoints us despite having a potential theme to present a neat film.

When you chose to make a movie on a character that has really lived you must be aware that there would be no suspense element on what happened to the man. So your narrative and depiction of the drama called life should be very sharp and engaging otherwise viewers would find it boring. Director Vadivudiyan has completely missed the knack of bring the life on screen. He has restored to melodrama and missed the sharpness and speed.

Cast Review

Karan and Anjali live up the proceedings with their performance. Both have given their best and the romance between them works out well. That the script has marred the impact of such performances is altogether a different matter.

Saravanan is adequate as Salai while the rest of the cast are ok. Kanja Karuppu’s efforts to make us laugh fail to click.

The highlight of the movie is cool music by Vidyasagar. The melody man has come out with a soothing music.


Had Vadivudayan downplayed emotions and melodrama and increased pace, it could have been an interesting fare.

Thambi Vettothi Sundaram: Inadequate effort


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