Thaandavam Movie Review

Thaandavam Movie Review – Worth a watch

Thaandavam Movie Review

Thaandavam Movie Review

Cast: Vikram, Jagapathy Babu, Anushka, Amy Jackson, Nasser, Lakshmi Rai and others
Direction: A.L. Vijay
Produced by: UTV Motion Pictures
Music: G.V. Prakash Kumar
Cinematography: Nirav Shaw

Director A.L. Vijay’s Thaandavam, which has Vikram romancing Anushka for the first time on-screen, is finally out. Though Vikram and Anushka starred in last year’s Deivathirumagal which was also directed by Vijay, they weren’t romantically linked in the film. As widely reported by the print media, an air of controversy sure shrouds the film’s theatrical release. Without an iota of doubt, the novelty in the film is a visually impaired protagonist taking the fight into the opposition camp to take revenge on them.


Setting aside all those pre-release controversies for the time being, let’s have a glimpse at what the script has to offer to the audiences. London-based visually challenged Kenny Thomas (Vikram), who patronizes the inmates of an orphanage in the city, is on a secret mission: to execute the number of killings in exactly the same manner he had earlier planned them.

Despite his ‘visual’ disorder, Kenny moves around normally like any other person, thanks to the special training in ‘echo-location’ he had undergone. This innovative and novel method him use his both ears as a pair of eyes. Freshly crowned ‘Miss London’, an ambitious beauty queen, Sara Vinayagam (Amy Jackson) enters the fray at this juncture.

Sara gets options/ideas on her career from an ad agency. She does indulge in social service and manages to establish documentary proof merely to impress organizers of beauty pageant contests. As it ought to happen, she ‘accidentally’ comes acorss Kenny and it’s love-at-first-sight for her. Kenny avoids her as his mysterious past haunts him. Sara probes and learns that he was actually a RAW official with Govt. of India.

Kenny in his ‘earlier’ avatar (flashback mode), Sivakumar is the husband of a pretty-looking ophthalmologist Meenakshi (ever seen such a beautiful doctor?). Anushka and Siva come to London to wriggle themselves out of a case involving Siva’s non-involvement in an attach on his colleague (Tollwood’s Jagapathy Babu). Stay in London turns bitter for Sivakumar who loses his job, his lovable wife and even his eye-sight. Not the one to take things lying down, Siva plans his revenge in a calculated and methodical manner and carries them out one by one.

Sara is scared out of her wits to know that her beloved Kenny was actually a serial killer. However, she understands his predicament and assures that she’d be by him at any cost.

Watch the film to find out whether Siva alias Kenny succeeded in his mission.

Script analysis

Script-wise, Vijay travels in a hitherto untried zone. Has anyone ever heard of the concept of ‘echo-location’, used so effectively by Vikram’s character in the film to locate objects and other things? The film movers pretty fast and before you realize, the ‘intermission’ card is displayed. Vikram’s ‘planned executions’ are the results of well-thought out script which aids the film to a great extent.

As a director, Vijay passes off with flying colours. Typical of his earlier films, the romantic sequences and the expectation he so convincingly manages to create before them are well-filmed. As many directors like him have slipped before, Vijay too goofs up vis-a-vis the RAW agent part of the story and the subsequent investigations. It’s high time Tamil film-makers understood the significance of RAW in India’s espionage history before sitting down to pen their scripts.

The prelude to the marriage is quite dragging and could easily have been sweet and short. Surprising element is missing in Sara falling for Kenny as it looks as if she was waiting for the first opportunity to fall in love.

Cast and crew’s performance

How many times he’s proved himself and in how many different varieties would you love to have him on screen? Vikram is game for all these.

Vikram’s performance, as always, is near flawless and he stands out while playing Kenny, the exterminator. Few actors can do full justice to whichever roles that are offered to them. Vikram, who played a fully blind person in Kasi a few years back, arrests the audiences with his sleek body language. Typical of a hero, he shines in action sequences as well as in romantic sequences. No amount of acting burden can upset this actor, who looks as if he’s born to act.

Anuskha looks extremely beautiful and eases through her role with characteristic aplomb. Pity her role doesn’t run through the length of the film, as was the case in Deivathirumagal. Briton Amy looks ravishing and has improved a lot when it comes to emotion using her facial expression.

Lakshmi Rai impresses in a cameo (hardly looks like a widow, though!)

Santhanam’s comedy almost gets ‘hidden’ in this otherwise serious film. Jagapathy Babu and Nasser have done their roles wonderfully well. GVP’s work rocks in the background music department but sadly, none of the songs appears immortal. Nirav Shah’s camera work is one of the great pluses of the film.

Positive Points

Script, Vikram’s performance and Anushka’s beauty

Negative Points

The investigation goof-up and the dragging marriage sequence and the prelude


Familiar mission undertaken in an unfamiliar route; definitely worth a watch.



    1. tok tok

      100% Vikram will get awards for his acting in THANDAVAM. New story to tamil cinema(except love scene, because we can not manipulate love LOL). Hats off VIJAY.

  1. roger

    nice movie… Vikram acting too good… This movie was family entertainer… Don’t see any other comments… Go and watch the movie and judge ur self…. But Editing only major mistake in this movie….

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