Taramani Movie Review

Taramani Movie Review

Taramani Movie Review
Taramani Movie Review

Written and directed by: Ram
Cast: Andrea Jeremiah, Vasanth, Anjali, Azhagam Perumal
Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Cinematography: Theni Eswar


Taramani, which is set against an IT hub located in Taramani, narrates the life of Diya (Andrea Jeremiah) and a few other women in a different light.

Diya is an Anglo Indian working as an HR in a corporate firm in Taramani. She is a single mother living with her son. Diya is a free-spirited lady. Her daring, straight forward and outspoken nature can easily be misunderstood as a girl of immoral in the eyes of most of the men folk. Diya’s experiences have taught her to take the life as it is without any judgment or expectations.
Diya meets Prabhunath (Vasanth Ravi), a depressed person due to love failure. The slowly get attracted with each other. They part ways as Prabhu, a typical conservative man, makes the relationship miserable by questioning each and every act of hers.

Diya has more problems. She is being targeted by her colleagues, who tend to take her for granted. Director Ram has also presented a few other girls whose lives are made miserable by men. He also shows the mistakes of a few women falling prey to the lure of modern live.

The movie deals with how Diya and Vasanth manage to deal with the situation.

Script analysis:

Taramani is a sensitive movie that deals with the lives of women made miserable by men in our current era. The movie clearly shows how men are not able to cope up with the changing times when it comes to intimate relationships. It tells us how men are not able to view women without preconceived notions about morality and character. The movie highlights the problems of the attitude of men and the undesirable attractions of modern life. It presents all these things with pleasing visuals, good acting and hard hitting dialogues.

Apart from dealing with sexual morality, freedom, and maturity in relationship, Taramani also tries to tell a few messages on animal welfare, ecology and so on. Most of these messages remain just messages without getting converted as cinematic experience.

Kudos to Ram for creating Andrea’s character defying most of the stereotypes of girls in Tamil cinema. She is straight forward and confident girl. She cannot live with her husband whose homo sexual behavior is revealed after the marriage. However, she is not rejecting him for his sexual orientation. She is upset by the fact that he so dishonest that he hides it from her. Moreover, he makes love with her without any interest in her as a woman. So she doesn’t want to live with him even though she doesn’t hate him for the fact that he is a gay.

Likewise, she handles her love after the marriage with self-assertion and self-respect. She can understand and empathise the conservative attitude of her lover but she cannot tolerate him when he goes overboard because of his misgivings. Her bold character would make the men around her flirt with her. She wouldn’t change herself but she would deal with them strongly. She cares for her son and she longs for love. She is bold, she loves freedom yet she is very sensitive towards other human beings, animals, and nature. She is definitely not our stereotypical heroine.
Taramani would definitely make the men folk think about the way they view women and their morality. That is the best thing done by the movie.

The problem with the movie is that it presents too many things in one single package and thereby diluting the core point up to some extent. Director’s voice gives us some strong and interesting perspectives but it dampens the impact of the movie on artistic level. The initial scenes that narrate the love between Andrea and Vasanth could have been depicted in a better manner.

However, Ram’s sensitive and emphatic presentation of women’s lives in the present era has made these negative points negligible.


Andrea looks beautiful and renders stunning performance. She has given life to the character that has charm, courage, freedom and sensitiveness.

Debutant Vasanth has managed to handle his complex role with conviction. Anjali makes a mark in a small but powerful role. Azhagam Perumal is quite impressive.

Yuvan Shankar Raja’s music is mesmerizing. All the songs are good. His back ground score enhances the feel of the movie.

Cinematography by Theni Eswar makes the movie visually pleasing.

Positive points:

Strong message with feministic angle
Acting by Andrea and few others
Bold scenes and dialogues
Sensitive portrayal of women’s feelings

Negative points:

Too much of preaching
Too many illustrations to prove one single point


Director Ram has given a visually pleasing hard hitting bold movie that speaks about women’s point of view on morality and freedom. Crispier presentation could have lifted the movie to another level.

Taramani: Strong and sensitive

Rating: 3.5 stars

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