Sundarapandian Movie Review

Sundarapandian Movie Review – The Spirit of Friendship

Sundarapandian Movie Review

Sundarapandian Movie Review

Cast: Sasikumar, Inigo Prabhakaran, Suri, Vijay Sethupathi Lakshmi Menon and others
Direction: Prabhakaran
Music: Raghunandan
Cinematography: Premkumar
Producer: Sasikumar

After a string of successes at the box-office, Sasikumar appears to have another winner on the hands with his latest release Sundarapandian. In keeping with his trend of introducing new directors at every available opportunity, Sasikumar has entrusted debutant Prabhakaran, his erstwhile assistant, to direct the film.


Sasikumar plays the title role of Sundarapandian who is a die-hard fan of superstar Rajinikanth. As it ought to be, he’s a good-hearted Samaritan who goes out of his way to help those in distress. Sasikumar’s fascination with Madurai continues as the film, like his earlier films, again has Madurai as the backdrop of the script.

Sundarapandian’s friend seeks his help to woo Archana (Lakshmi Menon). Sasi approaches her but Lakshmi falls for the charms of Sundarapandian.

Meanwhile, another man who is also in love with Archana fights with Sundarapandian and his friends. Shockingly he is killed in the fight unexpectedly and the blame is put on Sundarapandian.

Later the victim’s friends try to kill Sundarapandian when he comes out on bail. He tackles them and promises the victim’s parents that he would compensate in whatever ways possible.

While he tries to marry Archana problem comes in the way of her brother in law who has been dreaming to marry her right from the beginning. Archana’s family tries to change her mind but her love is so strong that she doesn’t pay heed to them.

Finally Archana’s family accepts Sundarapandian but Archana’s brother in law plans to spoil the marriage with deadly plans.

Script Analysis:

As always and as you have come to expect in a Sasikumar film, the values of friendship and the ills of betrayal are depicted in a forceful manner. Though lack of novelty burdens the script, it’s interesting enough as it’s laced with equal doses of comic moments and some riveting action sequences to make the viewers forget the flaws in the screenplay.

For a debutant, the director has done a commendable job indeed. Sasikumar’s influence in the script is tangible as some sequences in the film are reminiscent of Sasikumar’s earlier hit film Nadodigal. The post-interval portion lacks the pace of the first-half but the director cleverly makes up for a pacy and gripping climax at the end.

Like subramaniyapuram, this too deals with the betrayal of friends. But finally the spirit of friendship is held high.

Cast and Crew:

Sasikumar’s screen presence is getting stronger with each film. He has done his job neatly, be it a comedy sequence or an action sequence. Lakshmi Menon plays the appropriate foil to him and might go places in Kollywood in future. She has an expressive pair of eyes and might blossom in to an actress of substance.

Others like Soori, Prabhakaran and Sethupathi have done their jobs wonderfully well.

Cinematography by Premkumar is good and is especially very good in the climax. Raghunandan, fresh from getting accolades for his music in the national award-winning and the recently released Krishnaveni Panjaalai, has done a good enough job with pleasing tunes.

Debutant director Prabhakaran passes the acid test with aplomb, though he’d be better advised in conceiving and including some novelty in screenplay in future.

Positive points:

Sasikumar’s acting, Lakshmi’s liveliness, pace, and sharp dialogues.

Negative points:

A not-so-novel screenplay and an uninteresting second-half are the film’s negative points.


The movie ensures good entertainer despite the slow second half.

Sundarapandian: Spirit of friendship


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