Sooriya Nagaram movie review

Sooriya Nagaram Movie Review – Taste of caste

Sooriya Nagaram movie review

Sooriya Nagaram Movie Review

Cast: Rahul Ravindran, ‘Ganja’ Karuppu, Meera Nandan, R V Udhayakumar, ‘Parotta’ Suri, S N Lakshmi
Direction: M Chellamuthu
Music: Fen Viallee
Taste of caste

A boy and a girl from two different castes fall in love. The girl’s father, who is the chieftain of his community, opposes the affair. The couple decides to elope. This beaten to death storyline forms the crux of Sooriya Nagaram.


Vetrivel (Rahul Ravindran), who works in a four-wheeler workshop (run by ‘Ganja’ Karuppu) falls for Tamilselvi (Meera Nandan), daughter of Kathirvel (R V Udhayakumar), who is the leader of a powerful community in Madurai.

When Kathirvel wants her daughter to marry one of his relatives, the couple decides to run away from home. But they are stopped by Kathirvel and their men. The rest is about whether they are able to join hands or not.

Script analysis

Though the story is as old as the sun, debutant director M Chellamuthu has attempted something new in the narration. Or at least this is what we feel in the first few scenes, as the movie starts with some interesting romantic episodes.

As it progresses, Sooriya Nagaram ends up as a cliched show, with a preachy climax pouring more salt on the wound.

Cast and crew

Rahul makes a decent debut, while Meera Nandan emotes well. Noted director R V Udhayakumar plays a role with negative shades. ‘Ganja’ Karuppu fails to tickle the funny bone, despite his attempts to evoke laughter with double entendre dialogues. Senthil is impressive, especially in the climax scene. ‘Parotta’ Suri, S N Lakshmi (who passed away recently) and ‘Anjathey’ Sridhar add value to the script with their performance.

Music by Fen Viallee is average. A couple of songs (Unnai Pirivena… and Kalyanamam… are hummable).
There is nothing much to say about other technical departments.

Positive points:

Interesting beginning, hummable tunes, and some good performances by lead pair.

Negative points:

Clich├ęd script, predictable proceedings, and preachy climax


On the whole, a potent story goes haywire due to slipshod narration and preachy climax.

Sooriya Nagaram: Fails to shine


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