Sonna Puriyathu Movie Review

Sonna Puriyathu Movie Review – Comedy guaranteed

Sonna Puriyathu Movie Review

Sonna Puriyathu Movie Review

Cast: Shiva, Vasundara Kashyap, Meera Krishna, Manobala
Direction: Krishnan Jayaraj
Music: Yatheesh Mahadev

Shiva (Shiva) is a dubbing artiste, who lends his voice for characters in the Tamil version of Hollywood films. He is a fun-loving guy, but isn’t very comfortable with the concept of marriage and gets furious at the very mention of the word. He is keen to remain single all his life.

Meanwhile, Shiva’s mother (Meera Krishna) fixes his wedding with Anjali (Vasundhara Kashyap) a TV Show host. ¬†Shiva comes up with a plan to stop the proposed wedding, but to his surprise Anjali too isn’t keen on the marriage. And yes predictably, the pair collude to find ways to stop the marriage by all means. As it happens, the wedding is stopped.

In a sudden twist, Anjali realises that she is interested in Shiva. Does she succeed in winning over a reluctant Shiva’s love, forms the rest of the story.

Script Review

Comedy is the name of the game presently in Kollywood, it seems. Shiva’s previous venture ‘Thillu Mullu’ is doing well at the BO and his image has got a boost. ‘Sonna Puriyadhu’ is another film to join the list of rip-tickling comical entertainers. The plot revolves around a young man, who isn’t keen on entering wedlock and how his thoughts change after meeting the heroine. The director (Krishnan Jayaraj) has kept it simple by focusing on comedy, Shiva’s strength and has delivered a product that should appeal to the younger generation.

Cast and Crew

After ‘Thillu Mullu’, this role should have been a breeze for Shiva. He has a unique way of dialogue delivery and his one-liners evoke spontaneous laughter. The man is a terror of comedy no doubt and he makes the audience rolling on the floor with laughter.

The heroine Vasundhara Kashyap as the bubbly lass, impresses too while Meera Krishnan, Shankar and Manobala fit the bill.

A cameo by YouTube fame ‘Sam Anderson’ and veteran film personality Gangai Amaran add pep to the proceedings.

Yatheesh Mahadev’s songs and Background music are just Ok.

Positive points:

Shiva’s performance and his one-liners.

Negative Points:

Predictable scenes.

Music is just average.


The movie is a fun ride thanks to the script and Shiva’s performance.

Sonna Puriyathu: Comedy guaranteed


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