Singam Puli Music Review – Disappointment

Singam Puli Music Review

1. Figaru

Vocals: Naveen
Lyrics: Viveka
Rating: 2/5

So we though music died of experimentation but this song is trying its bit to mix in some    raunchy drum and bass with the soothing eastern sounds. The song progresses although it failed to keep our attention. Speaking of the interludes, they were average electronic music patches. All in all we would say the elements in the song were too, we like the concept and choice of instruments.It has got quite an electronic flavor to it.

2. Poove Poove

Vocals: Rahul Nambiar
Lyrics: Viveka
Rating: 2/5

The song starts with the synth doubling and making way for the vocals to seep in slowly, the melody was handled well but nothing outstanding, we were disappointed with the interludes yet again. The song rides on a simple bass line for the most part. Before moving on to the next song we thought the vocals were alright sounding warm and complimenting the lovey dovey vibe of the song.

3. Kangalal

Vocals: Karthik, Rita
Lyrics: Na. Muthukumar
Rating: 1/5

This one is a world trip when it comes hear the samples and you will be transported to a range  from latin to namma kuthu beats , the rap influences are prominent too and the interludes are a percussion let out with Hindi lyrics, backing it up! You would hate it if you really know a bit of Hindi though; well we could not bare it. Well, no time to show off our linguistic skills but to tell you the truth this one won’t stay for long. Free world tour here.

4. Naadilla

Vocals: Mukesh
Lyrics: Viveka
Rating: 1/5

Not again, as already we were down with a poor attempt and here you go back to the Disco 70’s, it gets irritating after a while. No offense to those who are in a mood to dance this one surely is for the teenage souls who would like to shake a leg often, half way into the song we thought how about skipping this? I seemed so long.

5. Ullasame
Vocals: Ranjith, Janani
Sai Ramani


Again a kuthu song morphed with the drums that replace the percussion oriented number, while the guitars played in the middle have been put to a clichéd use. Janani can’t find a moment to relax as in between she keeps on urging ‘her baby to dance with her’.

6. Varrale…
Vocals: Ranjith, Sainthavi
Lyrics: Annamalai

Rating: 1/5

If you are yet not familiar with kuthu beats here is another one in the waiting for you, we really don’t know why the composer is so obsessed with kuthu songs seems like it is the only way to sell more copies. It is unfortunate that the composer hasn’t tried much apart from Poove Poove and Figaru. The lyrics had a message for the dancers here again this time it was ‘Shake you bum’. We wonder does everything go easy with kuthu songs, well for the moment it seems so.

You know we are really honest with our reviews and to tell you the truth this album hasn’t got anything that would make it to our personal collections, to cut it short a fake musical attempt if at all it was supposed to be musical except for a selected few numbers. The rest is your choice.



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