Singam Puli Movie Review – Fails to roar

Singam Puli Movie Review 

Singam Puli Movie Review

Production: Silver Line Film Factory
Star-casts: Jeeva, Divya Spandana, Honey Rose, Santhanam, Ponvannan, Kuyili and others
Direction: Sai Ramani
Mani Sharma


Jeeva in a double role/a double treat/ double bonanza! Were some of the punch lines that rang in our heads as we headed to the theaters in hope to witness a miraculous evening. After all apart from the fact that Jeeva was acting there was a dual offering in every sense as it was also Sai Ramani’s debut movie. Read on and you will know if the director managed to pull off his debut in style?

In Singam Puli or Lion-Tiger, the director has purely banked upon Jeeva’s acting. Half way through the movie we wondered how far the character has really justified the title indicating the fiercest of battles as Siva (Jeeva) a class 12 dropout is portrayed as an honest guy who makes a living selling fish in the market, meanwhile other half and younger brother Ashok a lawyer and a spoilt brat to Vedachalam (Ponvannan) and Muthulakshmi (Kuyili).So there you have it what better way to contrast the social status of twin brothers.

Ashok as expected enjoys a jolly company of friends including Bujji Babu (Santhanam) and is portrayed as a sucker for girls and he is apparently really good at getting them to bed too often. Don’t feel sorry for the fisherman guys he too has a consistent company in Swetha (hottie Divya Spandhana).

As the story unfolds and fun sets in Ashok’s best friend Bujji Babu (Santhanam) also his partner in crime introduces him to new girls in the town. One day Ashok manages to have a good time with Gayathri (Soundarya) and soon big trouble follows as the girl is found dead.

Now Shiva’s curiosity leads him into a frenzied search and he is shocked to know it is Ashok who is responsible for all this. The rest is how the Singam takes on the Puli before you you decide who is Singam and who is Puli let us tell you we would put our money on Shiva who is more stronger and deserving of the title Singam whereas Ashok to show his might takes help of the local ruffians to keep Shiva out of sight. 

Cast Review

We appreciate Jeeva’s role as the fisherman and he has lived up to expectations.

Although Santhanam was chipping in with double meaning dialogues we can forgive him as his character has a script that can pull it off, thanks for his comic injection.

Divya Spandana gives an average performance .Doing commercial cinema you can’t really expect more from the girls who are just here to show some skin to entertain.

Soundarya although in a cameo of sorts has done way better.

Plus Points

Jeeva’s fish selling is superb. Together Jeeva and Santhanam have made the first half worth the stay.

A movie promoted as a commercial entertainer we thought Soundarya’s song was really sizzling and added the perfect glitz.

Average Cinematography and an above average editing work.

Ponvannan is also in there for his acting skills, we loved it. Super dad!

Minus Points

As already mentioned we were not impressed with Mani Sharma and his compositions

Have a look here,

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Divya Spandana has not effectively carried off the role as playing a pivotal character her weight surely is a cause of worry, we thought the least someone could expect of her in a glamorous role would be to be in shape.

The second-half twists escalated our disengagement in the movie all together. With a running time of 165 minutes it was a drag after a while.


We still can’t figure out how Sai Ramani could make a movie without giving second thoughts, the scripts is a bore to the core and it gets so predictable within half an hour into the movie. The debutant director has failed to come up with a convincing and interesting script to make optimum use of Jeeva’s talents.