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Singam Movie Review Online

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The much-awaited Hari-Surya combo is back in this landmark 25th film of Suriya. The story which was initially narrated to Vijay for his 50th film by Hari but for some reasons Vijay could not do it and Suriya lapped it up.

This is also Hari’s 10 th Film.

Singam Movie Cast and Crew

Banner: BIG Pictures
Starring: Surya, Anushka, Prakash Raj, Vivek, Manoramma, Vijayakumar, Radha Ravi, Nasser, Sumithra, Yuvarani, Nizhagal Ravi,
Direction: Hari
Production: K E Gnanavel Raja
Music: Devi Sri Prasad

Singam Movie Story

A simple and sincere police officer Duraisingam alias Singam (Surya), a sub inspector in Nallur in Tuticorin district. He wants to run the family business – running a provision shop and convert it to a huge departmental store. But his father (Radha Ravi) fantasizes him to become a cop. He lives up to his father’s words and becomes a sub-inspector in the local police station.

An amiable family, Singam lives at peace with everyone. Obviously their family is respected a lot in the village. Enters Kavya (Anushka), on a vacation to the village to her grandparents’ house. She comes across Singam and his upright manner and righteous nature attracts her. It’s romance between them.

There is ‘Eatu’ Erimalai (Vivek), who works as a head constable in the police station. Fate now enters in the form of Mayilvaganan (Prakash Raj), a dreaded baddie in Chennai who is into evil acts to make money. He is aided by his brother Vaikundan (Aadhi). He bumps off an old man in Nallur village when he denies parting with money demanded by him.

The old man was constructing a house in the village thanks to his sons’ money from abroad. His death has severe repercussions as his sons shoot a mail on the death to the embassy. This leaves in the arrest of Mayivaganan, who manages to get a conditional bail that he has to appear at Nallur police station and sign everyday.

Mayilvaganan comes face to face with Singam and his upright ways increases his wrath. He uses his might to get Singam promoted as inspector and brings him to Chennai. It’s now a cat and mouse game between Singam and Mayilvaganan.

Singam comes across another side of Mayilvaganan – that he runs a kidnap racket and gets away with ransom. By bringing to books the nasty side of Mayilvaganan, the Home Minister (Vijayakumar) promotes him as ACP –Anti Corruption Squad operations. Meanwhile Singam’s chase begins. How he accomplishes his mission forms the climax to a movie that begins in Nallur, (TN) and ends in Nellore, (AP).

Singam Movie Songs

Devi Sri Prasad’s racy music is another highlight. His fast songs compliment the swift screenplay.

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Cast Review

Its out-and-out Suirya show.Surya plays a cop who is in total contrast to Anbu Selvan in ‘Kaakha Kaakha’. If Anbu was stiff and serious, Singam is cool but furious. The latter is friendly and has strings in his culture. Suriya is flawless in his expressions and delivers his best body language.

Vivek as Erimalai takes charge of comedy in Singam as Suriya’s subordinate and acquits himself well. The comedy scenes do bring the intended effect and the lorry scene which results in Vivek’s suspension tops the list.
Anushka looks good and acts too,is more than a regular heroine,The lady does have a good future. She rides on twin horses with glamorous costumes in the song sequences and a homely demeanor in the rest of the film.

Prakash Raj is the scene-stealer back to do what he knows the best,Radha Ravi and Sumithra as the parents of Surya do a convincing job

Crew review

Due credit goes to Director Hari , who has stuck to his genre and has delivered a crisp film. Although the events and the premise are not something new in Singam and the formula of one scene each of ‘action-romance-sentiments-comedy’, is strictly adhered to, he should be credited for rendering an engaging and entertaining product. He succeeds in holding the interest of the audience to a larger extent and satisfies the viewers

Cinematographer Priyan,editor V T Vijayan’s have done a decent job.

second half, the interactions between the villain and hero get a bit drab and seem to drag on. There is not much of an intelligence displayed by the villain to counter the hero except in the climax

The comedy tracks have little relevance to the story and hangs loose


‘Singam’ is the king of the masses, for those who love action and commercial films



  1. Anonymous

    please mr hari,dont just participate in the race,try to win it to make your movies hit.better change ur working style.

  2. ashwin

    Try to bring up new stories like Angadi theru!!! The directors wanna make some masala movie and i really dont understand whats new in this story. Its a Shame to Tamil cinema. I am not a fan of anyone. A good story line is what the audience want and it does not matter who acts in it

  3. Anonymous

    surya shouldn't have picked this movie, or even act in hari's movie..i am saying this out of love for surya.

  4. Anonymous

    save tamil cinema in future.hereafter good story only audience will accept.we are not fools again and again seeing same kuthu songs.we
    need good directors in future like shankar,vasantha balan.mani ratnam
    etc these must make more movie to get back tamil cinema image.

  5. Anonymous

    singam movie is superb please dont compare with idiot vijay . vijay is not a good actor . singam movie is hit hit hit hit hit hit hit hit hit hit hit.

  6. Anonymous

    surya is a complete actor, who can take acting roles, commercial roles etc. singam is a very good entertainer.

  7. aakash


  8. Anonymous

    Why do ppl Talk about vijay in the Post about SINGAM???? And even if they wanna talk.. should there be a standard in comparing?

  9. Anonymous

    hai duraisingam.
    thank u for giving a mega hit film for us hari.
    vijay can't touch your hair.
    please contiue your film.
    give a next super film.
    by hf_6887, gp.

  10. Anonymous

    Movie is good but stupid fellow camera-va pottu enna aattu aati irrukkaan…..go to hell….camera-va pudikka theriyalannu camera-va aatnaa mattum podhuma?? Begger…

  11. Anonymous

    Singam is a great entertaining movie of recent-time, i wud say.. If you like racy entertainer, which Hari is an expert at, this is the movie.. I liked it better than any other commercial movie I watched in last 5 years..

    Yes, Singam is similar to Saamy, but Surya-Prakash Raj duo is like an upgrade to Vikram-Kotta Srinivasan (in Saamy). I loved the movie..

    Just watch that one ferocious scene "ooongi adicha onra tonn weight raaa, paakuriyaa, paakuriyaa, paakuriyaa".. that will stay in your mind for 1 day.. GREAT MOVIE..

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