Sillunu Oru Santhippu Movie Review

Sillunu Oru Santhippu Movie Review : Hopeless Meeting

Sillunu Oru Santhippu Movie Review

Sillunu Oru Santhippu Movie Review
Sillunu Oru Santhippu Movie Review

Review: Sillunnu Oru Santhippu

Cast: Vimal, Oviya, Dipa Shah

Direction: Ravi Lallin

Music: Faizal


Sillunu Oru Santhippu Storyline

Sillunu Oru Sandhippu was projected a romantic-entertainer and that is how it turns out to be, though some would choose to differ. The hero Ashok (Vimal) is school lad in Ooty, who is madly in love with class-mate Geetha (Oviya). However, their romantic interlude meets an end when the girl’s family decides to move to Chennai. Meanwhile as the scene shifts to the present, Ashok returns from abroad after being educated in the US, and falls in love with Dipa Shah.

Their affair progresses smoothly before the girl learns prior to the engagement that Ashok had an affair in school. Whether he unites with his childhood love forms the rest of the story.


Sillunu Oru Santhippu Script analysis

It is not a new storyline or an untried idea and meanders aimlessly at some points. Maybe the director Ravi Lallin has tried too hard, which resulted in ‘Sillunnu Oru Santhippu’ falling flat. Though the director tries to talk about the inherent fault of school days’ love the script doesn’t do anything to develop the story.

Also, the comedy element goes awry and Mano Bala’s attempts to evoke humour go nowhere while songs don’t rise above the ordinary.

Cast and crew Analysis

It is an eminently forgettable movie, by any standards and one wonders why the director (Ravi Lallin) has allowed things to drift and included double-entendre dialogues in the name of comedy, just for the sake of it.

Vimal appears listless and doesn’t seem to be doing himself any good. Oviya and Dipa Shah just amble along.

Positive points:

Basic knot

Ovia and Dipa’s screen presence

Negative points:

Listless performances

Lifeless story

Lackluster screenplay


It is a movie in which nothing works.

Sillunu Oru Santhippu: hopeless meeting


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