Seedan Music Review: Dheena and Dhanush score

Seedan Music Review

1. Munpani

Singer: Shreya Ghoshal

Lyricist: Chitra

Rating: 3/5

Dhina na na, that is how the song starts. Was Dhina trying to tell us that this is his song well maybe; after all it is his song.

Coming back to the song well great singing as usual from the soul stealing Shreya Ghoshal. The rhythm section seems like a reggaeton steal but it works considering the way the pads support Shreya’s sweet swinging, quite a happy tune. The singer has reinforced her vocals throughout with a lot of delay effects and the flute’s counter melodies are enjoyable throughout. Kudos to Shreya for clarity in her recital, you won’t believe it as we still cannot believe it is Shreya who is singing this.

2.  Valliamma

Singer: Shankar Mahadevan and Chinna Ponnu

Lyricist: Chitra

Rating: 2/5

Ghum ghum ghum, and the pitch of the drum signals arrival for this one.

The lyrics are an enjoyable listen; this one definitely captures the soul of a kuthu song. The little fillers are just enough to push it further. There is no chance you are going to sit at your seat listening to this one. Shankr Mahadevan’s gimmicks have added good spice. Good work by Chinna Ponnu too. Although we felt or some reason this song gives us the vibes of a Konkani song from Goa, you never know where you can get your inspirations from isn’t it?

3: Enadha Uiyirae

Singer: Prasanna / Janaki Iyer

Lyricist: Yugabharati

Rating: 3/5

The moment the intro starts you feel like a lullaby is waiting, mind you it won’t put you to sleep. There is a haunting airy beat in the background to make the whispering sound so comfortable. It is certainly a good melodious twist after a kuthu blast. We can’t move on without emphasizing again the instruments got louder as the song progressed it ached. The strings sections got louder and so were the other instruments a bad case of mixing the sounds together.

4: Saravana Samayal

Singer: Hariharan / Dhanush

Lyricist: Chitra

Rating: 4/5

Well Dhanush enters, look who’s giving him company it is none other than Hariharan, both of them are a blast in this one. This one has made it to our Top 10 play list for the day for sure. It is not because it is a Hariharan song rather because it is not the usual way he sings, to be honest; it is beautifully unusual of his singing. This one is a perfect mix of how the dialogues and music could be interwoven together .The interludes are as sweet as they could get with the violins and mridangam setting the mood right and vocal scants , don’t we love it. In the background we have a laid back chord accompaniment making it a much soothing affair. The best part is when Dhanush goes hmm hmm hmm somewhere after you are 2 minutes into the song that caught us by surprise. The song ends on a high note with an energetic korvai.

5. Yadumaghiye

Singer: Shankar Mahadevan / Kavita Krishna Murthy

Lyricist: Chitra

Rating: 3/5


tha ki ta tha ki ta,

Seems like a song perfect for a fight, an energetic composition with a swinging beat. Kavita Krishnamurthy pierces through complimenting the open style of Shankar’s vocal takes.

The spicy accents on the mridangam sounded a vicarious effort as they were overshadowed by the loud drums. The beat seems a little boring after a while but thanks to the singers and some cool konnakol interludes which kept it refreshing. A lot of vocal panning effects on the vocals that added to the excitement but at the end it seemed like a long song though.

6. Oru Naal Mattum 4/5

Singer: KS Chitra

Lyricist: Chitra

The introductory notes are set to a wailing flute which seems so much soaked in lament. Out an out haunting piece. The rhythmic accompaniment is on the tabla that brings along with it the traditional grooves found in Hindustani music is a different take after the choice of mridangam for two songs already,the attempt could not have failed with Chitra carrying the song on her shoulders certainly. The way the flute sections and strings have complimented the vocals is also worth a mention. This song is so full of pathos and simple yet effective orchestration.We trust our ears and we think Chitra ma’am is in tears literally as the song is coming to an end .There are parts in the recording where on a close listen (especially the last stanza) you could hear her. Didn’t you listen to it yet?

The album surely had variety to it and considering the fact that it had the best of the singers in the business right now, it is surely a nice listen.Good effort by Dheena an album for the young and old.



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