Seedan Movie Review – Fabricated Emotional Ride

Seedan Movie Review

Seedan Movie Review

Cast: Dhanush, Krishna, Ananya, Suhasini Mani Ratnam, Vivek Reddy, Deva

Producer: Amit Mohan

Director: Subramaniya Shiva

Music: Dheena

Cinematography: Srinivasan Devamsam

Editing: Ramsudarshan

Studio: Myth Productions

Art Direction: Jakki

Lyrics: Pa Vijay, Yugabharathi


Ananya portrays Mahalakshmi who is an orphan and a devotee of Lord Muruga responsible for the day to day activities at a home in Palani that belongs to Amritavalli(yesteryear actress Sheela). Though an orphan she holds a special place in Amritavalli’s heart as she considers her nothing less than her own daughter and treats her the same way too.

Gradually the movie moves on and witnesses the arrival of a new character Mano played by debutant Krishna who is planning for further studies in US. Mahalakshmi reluctant at first falls for him to cut it short it is the old love at first sight phenomenon .Mano happens to be Amritham’s grandson.

Now, Mano’s mother Thangam (Suhasini) won’t let things go as smoothly as you would expect and she definitely has grand plans for her son’s marriage to a friends daughter, little did she know about her son’s intent and as expected she is quite disturbed when her son reveals details about his new found obsession, but how could she allow her son to get married to some maid and that too an orphan?

Ta daaaaaa! Dhanush rather Saravanan arrives as a cook to add spice to great taste.

The big question lies unanswered yet will Krishna against his mother’s wish to marry Mahalakshmi forms the climax, as is he certainly has all the qualities of the most obedient son a mother could have on this planet.Will he go against his mom’s will?

Cast Review:

Ananya surely is the highlight of the movie be it her devotional outbursts with Muruga or her housekeeping role well she has carried it off well. With a stunner in just her second movie appearance she seems promising.

Krishna too is not behind in the race and will surely pick up with pace if given more chances in the future, good effort for a debut.

Dhanush, has tried to be as delicious as rasam. Then he surely was the crowd puller.

Vivek as he mentioned in his interview plays a fake saamiyar playing Kumbidiswamy. Though the movie is barely got good fillers except for a ton of songs we thought Vivek could have stepped up a bit.

Plus Points:

Thanks to Dheena, the only thing we could take back was Hariharan’s rendering of Saravana Samayal which left us mesmerized and we are planning to steal an mp3 player as we have run out of battery mid-way to back home.

We enjoyed the backgrounds. Thanks to Cinematographer Srinivas who has also brought out the village scenes and other complimenting elements in a new getup.

Now, don’t worry about the positive points much, let us move on.

Minus Points:

Every effort has been made to capitalize on the pitiful state of the devotee and pull it of as an out and out emotional drama and honestly speaking we know what is going to happen, it was so predictable and add to the monotony a movie that pushes along like a snail mind you there were moments when we were yawning and really felt like taking a nap as we really were getting good at predicting the coming 20 scenes.

We enjoyed a nice song in the movie but why do they have to throw at us 3 songs within the first 45 minutes, come on we were not here to dance were we?

A perfect case of too much salt and too less pepper as we waited to really see what Dhanush was up to and you bet wasn’t he disappointing.  That was the last thing on our mind but It happened unfortunately.


Looking at this effort we think the director has aimed at pulling off remaking a hit of the original version in Malalyalam(Nandhanam) with a bit of changes as the trend is these days. Think of the script and it reminds us of only one thought did we really need to back to the 60’s now?

If you prefer a fabricated emotional ride go for it.



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