Sattai Movie Review

Sattai Movie Review – Whips the erring students

Sattai Movie Review

Sattai Movie Review

Cast: Samuthirakkani, Thambi Ramaiah, Swasika,Ajmal Khan,Junior Balaiah and others
Direction: M.Anbazhagan
Music: D. Imaan
Produced by: Prabhu Solomon

At the outset, it becomes tangible that the director of Sattai has made an earnest attempt to make a meaningful film. The characters of an irresponsible headmaster (Jr. Balaiah) and a deputy headmaster who is so keen on collecting ‘interest’ money out of usurious lending than running the affairs of the school are people we meet on a daily basis and this helps the viewers relate to those characters at once.


Newly joined physics teacher Dayalan (Samuthirakkani) attempts to resurrect the school’s image and hopes to advance its academic status by improving its rock-bottom state. He adopts a novel procedure whereby he talks to the students in detail instead of punishing them for their offences. Soon, he becomes the favourtie of the students who fall in line with his novel approach and his sincerity in making good citizens out of them.

Other teachers, including Thambi Ramaiah (deputy HM), see red and detest the sight of Samuthirakkani. Ramaiah goes to the extent of plotting to kill Samuthirakkani. In the meantime, the director focuses on a love affair which brews between students of Class XII-B.  Pazhani Muthu, a student of Class XII, tails Arivazhagi of the same class relentlessly, forcing the latter to take poison in an attempt to commit suicide. The parents of Arivazhagi mistake Samuthirakkani to be the culprit, thrash him and hands him over to the police, much to the delight of other teachers.

Watch the film to find out the real culprit, how Samuthirakani proves his innocence to the people and to know whether or not Samuthirakkani succeeds in improving the school’s poor academic record.

Script Analysis

Sattai has a powerful script and is one of those rare films which are made based purely on the strength of the script and not the stars in it and the glamour quotient. For this very reason, director M.Anbazhagan deserves kudos of the highest order. Whatever might be the movie’s ultimate result at the box-office, Arivazhagan can sure walk with his head held high.

The entire story takes place in an obscure Government school in Tiruvannamalai District. The whole world has an idea about the functioning of the Government-run schools and the interest in academics displayed by the students studying there.

Enters Samuthirakkani, who has taken it upon himself the ‘responsibility’ of cleansing the academicians and teachers and is hell-bent on making the students realize the importance of education (shades of Sargunam’s Vaagai Sooda Vaa?)

The ‘love’ angle shown to be existing among school-going children is a bit too much. Even if it’s the case in reality, for the sake of our children and for the general welfare of the society, the director could have avoided these sequences.

Cast and Crew:

Thambi Ramaiah, who won the national award for ‘best supporting actor’ for his role in Prabhu Solomon’s Mynaa, has once again put in a tremendous performance and is easily the best among all the performers. His body language, the hatred in his eyes on seeing Samuthirakani, etc. are awesome. Watch out for his acting in the sequence where he gets severely beaten up by Samuthirakani and returns in his under-garments. He appears to be a serious contender again for the same award he had won for Mynaa.

Samuthirakani has delivered a subdued and matured performance as the ‘reformist’ teacher. The advices/instructions given by Samuthirakani to students might turn out to be useful for real-life parents too. However, he goes overboard in ‘appreciating’ a male student who has just exited from the ‘ladies only’ toilet. It’s nothing but atrocious!

Others, including Jr. Balaiah, have done their respective roles in a wonderful manner.

Imaan’s music turns out to be the biggest disappointment but he appears to have made the extra effort in compensating for it in the background score. Except for the Sahayanae…Sahayanae… song, none of the songs is worth-remembering.

Positive Points

Script, subtle narrative, Thambi Ramaiyah’s acting.

Negative Points

Music, unbelievable love angle, and too much cinematic treatment.


Sattai has a strong and much needed message. It is definitely worth a watch in theatres!

Sattai (whip) whips the erring students and insincere teachers.



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