Rubaai movie review

Rubaai movie review

Rubaai movie review
Rubaai movie review

Directed by: M. Anbazhagan
Produced by: Prabhu Solomon
Cast: Chinni Jayanth, Chandran, Anandhi, Harish Uthaman, G Marimuthu, R Kishore.
Music: D Imman
Cinematography: V Elayaraja


Chandran and his friend live in Theni. They own a lorry which was purchased though a loan received from a private financier. They are under pressure to pay the due for the month. They come to Chennai for a new work. There meet Chinni Jayanth and his daughter Anandhi, who want to shift their house. The friends take the work of carrying the goods for shifting the house. Chinni Jayanth is struggling to make both ends meet. Chandran falls for Anandhi and decides to help her father at any cost.

Harish Uthaman, who has stolen huge money from a bank, throws the bag with money into Chandran’s vehicle to avert the suspicion of the police. The friends and Chinni find the money and decide to use it to their purposes.

Police is hunting for the thief and the thief is hunting for the bag. Could the police find Harish? Could he find the bag? What happened to Chinni and the two friends? What happened to the love of Chandran?

Script analysis:

Director Anbazhagan, who directed ‘Saattai’ has given us a movie that tells us not to chase the money in a wrong way. It also tells us how the desire over unearned money could put us in deep trouble. The movie has some realistic scenes along with some thrilling ones. The hardships of the friends and Chinni Jayanth have been well portrayed. This gives the justification for what they do later. The romantic portion looks good if you view it separately but it looks odd when shown in a tensed situation. The bank robbery, the police action, and Harish’s efforts to get back the money give some thrilling moments to the movie.

The movie takes too much time to reach the main conflict. The spending of the money by Chinni Jayanth and co goes beyond any control. This makes their case weaker.

The climax is touching but the pre climax portion is a bit longer than needed.


Chinni Jayanth has proved his worth as a character artist. He is quite impressive. This is easily is best performance so far.
Chandran and Anandhi have done their part well. But is Harish Uthaman who steals the show with an emphatic performance.
D. Imman’s background music adds to the impact of the movie. The songs sound good. Cinematography by V. Elayaraja is flawless.

Positive points:

Realistic portrayal of characters
Thrilling element

Negative points:

Unconvincing second half
Slow start
Dragging towards the end


Rubaai has some realistic and thrilling moments mixed with some romance. The beginning and the ending could have been better.

Rubaai: Hard hitting message on the evils of greediness.

Rating: 3 stars


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