RettaiSuzhi Movie Review Online|Does not live up to the hype.

RettaiSuzhi Movie Review Online

Director Shankar’s production venture S Pictures brings together on screen for the first time Iyakkunar Sigaram K Balachander and Iyakkunar Imayam Bharathiraja through Rettaisuzhi

Movie: Rettaisuzhi
Directed by: Thamira
Produced by: Shankar
Music by: Karthik Raja
Cast and Crew: K Balachander, Bharathiraja, Anjali
Movie release date: 23 April 2010

The movie unfolds in a village in Thirunelveli. Ramasamy (K Balachander) is an influential man in the village and he is a devoted to the principles of Congress since his childhood. He is against Singaravelan (Bharathiraja), a Communist.

Their feud runs for over four decades. Even their grand children are against each other and they form gangs to express their enmity. However a romance in the family changes the warm atmosphere.

Susheela (Anjali), brought up in Singaravelan’s house is a school teacher who is in love with one Murthy (Aari). Understanding their true love, the children forget their enmity and try to bring both families together and get them wedlocked. Did they succeed in their attempts forms the climax.

Bharathiraja is more spontaneous. He lives the character and seems tailor made for the role. Balachander is articulate and delivers right punch. The veteran brings out his experience playing an angry old man. Anjali is adequate while Aari is ok. Karunas as a cop brings laughter. Kudos to the group of young children (including Karunas’s son Ken) who play their part well.

Karthik Raja’s music is interesting with new sounds.

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Storyline sounds very familiar and the sequence of events lacks finesse or punch. and predictable climax mars the flow.
Director Thamira seems to have tried his best to render a lively entertainer which doesn’t seem to live up to the hype.

Over all: Lacks Grace


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