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Uthama Puthiran Movie Review

Star Cast: Dhanush, Genelia, Vivek and Bhagyaraj.
Direction: Mithran Jawahar
Music: Vijay Antony

Dhanush and Mithran Jawahar are teaming up for the third time for ‘Uthama Puthiran’, the remake of Telugu hit  movie ‘Ready’.   The Dhanush-Mithran combo had worked out well in smash hit ‘Yaaradi Nee Mohini’, but the second flick ‘Kutty’ didn’t live up to the expectations and failed to create the magic in Box office.

Seems this time, Mithran Jawahar-Dhanush have delivered the best possible results and have taken off  from where they left in ‘Yaradi Ne Mohini’.

A cool and a casual Dhanush, Genelia with her girl-next-door-looks, an expressive Vivekh and a bunch of apt star cast make the film a memorable one to watch with family.


Uthama Puthiran is all about love, family, relationships, fun and laughter.

The movie revolves around Siva (Dhanush), an engineering college student, who belongs to a unequivocally abounding family. On the day when the whole family is gearing for the grand function cousin sisters (Shriya Saran)  marriage, he helps her to elope with lover  and this annoys the large family and he is asked to stay away.

And now in another effort to help a friend join hands with his lover gal Siva along with his friends kidnap the bride from a wedding hall. But it is the wrong pick due to the confusion over the marriage halls, And the gal kidnapped is Pooja (Genelia D’ Souza), who also  wanted to escape from the marriage as her relatives were just eyeing on here 100 crore property. Learning which she isn’t meddlesome in her matrimony bound by her family, Siva sets to win her heart, takes all the necessary risk of bashing up goons and taking her right to her freinds home, who is out of town, and Siva Introduces her to the family with a  concocted story. By the time his family realizes that Pooja and Chandu like each other and they want to get them both married, Pooja’s family comes into the picture.

The rest of the story, woven through the hero playing -mark tricks on the families of Pooja’s uncles Periya Muthu Goundar and Chinna Muthu Goundar(Ashish Vidyarthi & Jayaprakash),forms the second half of the movie.

Cast Review:

Dhanush is impressive. The role of Siva fits him, (he manages to win 50% of Rams performance in the original)

Bubbly Genelia is her usual sprightly self , repeats the performance in Tamil,

The comedy brigade lead by ‘Emotional Ekambaram’ Vivek is irrepressible. Dhanush seems to share a good rapport with Vivek. The two rock together, each complementing the other with superb timing.

The huge supporting cast has worked wonders for the movie. Listing them all here will be an exercise in itself; Bhagyaraj, Ambika, Rekha, Ashish Vidhyarthi etc.. all showcase their experience.

It is only Karunas who gets very little to do for his talents.

Positive Points

Dhanush’s acting – His casual body language and cool dialogue delivery is apt for the role.

The credit here definitely goes to the script; humour has been cleverly woven into the proceedings, both by means of dialogues and situations.

The Originals director also deserves a round of applause for character establishment and maintaining a consistent graph for all players involved. Even the smallest of roles (like Mayilsaamy’s ‘Santhosh Khan’) has cleverly constructed.

Vijay Anthony’s music has been used well by the director; ‘Ussume Laresay’ has come out well; the composer deserves special mention for the BGM too.

Negative Points

The Telugu Original being a super hit, make us compare to it.

Predictable Sequences

Length of the Film – There is a feeling that 3 hours is a tad too long.

Certain portions in the climax could have been avoided

High time dhanush starts hitting gym,  his face has shaped up well, perhaps the best hairstyle for him, but your body definitely needs some flesh buddy.

Verdict – Family Entertainer

Its  a clean family fare, full of fun and humor (clean, no double entendres), no ‘supermanism’, no glamour, little bit of sentiments and a slightly melodramatic climax is your idea of a good entertainer, then you certainly have found the ‘Uthama Puthiran’ entertainer for the entire family.

Next what , After Telugu and Tamil. It is Hindi Ready starring Salman and Asin,



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