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Kutra Pirivu Movie Review

Kutra Pirivu Movie Review

Kutra Pirivu starring Srikanth, Prithviraj Sukumaran and Kamalinee Mukherji in leading roles. Kutra Pirivu released on the 21st of May 2010 dubbed version of Telugu flick ‘Police Police’ that features Prithviraj and Srikanth in lead roles with Kamalini Mukherji in female lead. It is interesting episode in the lives of two young, dynamic police officers Srikanth and Prithviraj.

Brahmaji, Kadhal Thandapani, Sanjana Galrani and Ahuti Prasad are also there in this action film.

Chakri is the music director of this movie. Kutra Pirivu is directed by Manmohan

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The two officers look smart in their police costumes and have maintained a good body language too. Even though these two young heroes have already acted together in “kanaa kanden” with similar attitudes it doesn’t show, as this movie has given them a fresh look. Srikanth is well dressed in the movie and prithiviraj gives us the chills with his evil look and expressions. Their attitudes in the movie are cool and it has suited them well too, especially for prithiviraj.

“Kutra pirivu”is not just about a police mission, but a story which highlights the negative and positive aspects of the police dept which has got lot of action, soul touching dialogues here and there, with a tint of love.

The movie starts with a voice over giving a salute to all the sincere police officers; this gives us a warm up before the show. The story revolves around two police officers with great potential who start up as friends working together but during some twists and turns, they become rivals. This happens because of the fact that one of them takes the bad side and as the coin is tossed between good and evil, the climax shows the winner and his victory.

Over all Kutra pirivu is a treat to the good police officers and will definitely increase the respect people have towards them. Its good to watch in spite of tiny drags and just watching it, is a salute to the all the heroic policemen out there.


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