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Which ever part of the world you are in, Watching the Super Stars movie on the first day first show is a Deepavali, it is so special admist papers welcoming the super star on screens and whistles. It was splendid a different experience for us too as the Super Star had said in the audio launch function.

An American who had landed for the first day first show hearing the news of Endhiran at his office said the movie is spectacular and  I ve never seen in the US the entire audience on feet celebrating a movie, As a Tamilian we were really proud. Endhiran is the best Tamil movie which can compete with the current Hollywood as far the release till today.

Endhiran Cast and Crew

Banner: Sun Pictures
Cast: Rajinikanth, Aishwarya Rai, Santhanam, Karunaas, Manoj and Kalabavan Mani
Direction: Shankar
Music: A R Rahman
Story: S. Shankar, Sujatha Rangarajan ,Karky Vairamuthu
Cinematography:R. Rathnavelu
Editing by Anthony

Endhiran Story
Endhiran stands a lot different than regular Rajini formula movies staring off with no opening song instead the Super star is introduced as Dr.Vaseegaran the scientist who is involved in a development of robot that could be useful to man kind, when he is into his work he doesn’t even mind to reply to 112 missed call from girl friend Sana(Aishwarya Rai), a medical student.

Santhanam and Karunas are assistants to Dr Vaseegaran, the output of 10 years of hard work Vaseegaran has put in is Chitti, a Cloned model Robot of the scientist. His mission is to listen to orders and execute them.

Dr Vaseegaran wants to get the approval of AIRD(Associates for International Resources and Development) headed by his professor Dr.Bohra(Danny Denzongpa) before he could apply for patent. Mean while Dr Bohra is in between a unsuccessful project that could work against mankind.

He cleverly rejects Dr Vaseegaran project by ordering tasks on sequence to Chitti and finally ordering to kill Vaseegaran, Chitti attempts, As it happens he rejects to project approval citing it is a stupid machine, which could kill our own men, and on the second attempt he rejects stating that it lacks human emotions.

Now Vaseegaran starts to feed in Chitti with emotions, which is when Chiiti falls for Sana which lands both  Vaseegaran and Chitti into conflict zone. Chitti’s love for Sana makes it behave stupid before an Army panel, who gathered to recruit Chitti the robot. Frustrated by Chitti’s misbehavior Vasseegaran dismantles Chitti and dumbs it away.

Cashing in on the opportunity, Bora comes to take control of the machine from the dumb yard and gives it life. Here comes the Mondru mugam Alex pandian Chitti, the Villain Rajini who takes most claps.

From here is it Man Vs Machine,a class 40 minutes which makes the movie a competitor to many Hollywood movies.

Minus Points

Lets start of the with minus which could be few ,

  • Not a Rajini Movie, it is a Shankars movie
  • Many feel the Scientific fiction film hard to relate to a Super Stars regular formula movie
  • B and C centers audience along with most of non technology audience are struggling to understand Chitti’s witty one liners.

Highlights of Endhiran

Chitti – The Robot
Chitti, the robot with amazing abilities(Rajini’s Villain alex pandian) attracts all the audiences with his superb performance. Though appearing in the second half is the show stealer.

Chitti in godess kali Avatar

Climax animation is new, which no one in the world has done before

Best looks of rajini in Oh Sana Sana  and Kilimanajro

Never Seen Stunt Sequences
The veteran Chinese stunt master Yuen Woo Ping has done an excellent job, specially the train stunt by Chitti is extraordinary.

Excellent Music by A R Rahman and Good Songs picturization

Crew Review

Rajini – The Man of the Mission

Rajini is just GREAT GREAT GREAT Actor who ensures he delivered his best

Any one next time Says Rajini does not know to act, One simple answer could be watch Enthiran,where he shows clearly the difference between Vaseegaran, Chitti and the bad Chitti.

Aishwarya Rai
Unlike other Rajnikanth films, here the heroine is right there enjoying good screen presence.Aishwarya Rai makes a perfect pair to Rajinikanth, looks good.She is at her best in the rap and romance scenes.

Director Shankar
We must salute Shankar for this great movie in Tamil. We may have seen many movies in Hollywood, but to bring hollywood to kollywood – one should have guts, but he has achieved this coveted goal. Shankar has used top notch technology and special effects to the core; The Graphics, tehno everything is top class.

This is the first Indian film to use the Stanswinston Studio’s animatronics technology that was earlier used in films like Jurassic Park, Iron Man, and the Terminator Series.

People for the sake of comparison said it was adopted from I-robot, Terminator and Bicentennial Man and so on… But it an original Tamil film that you can compare it with Hollywood standards

Comedy episodes with Santhanam, Karunas make you laugh but they have just a blink-and-disappear role.

The man With his wide lens, astute use of colours, wise choice of breath taking locations, has showed Rajinikanth at his awesome best.

Sabu Cyril,
The Art director has surprising done a cameo role as an arms broker has created set that seems very close to reality, the lovely laboratory is his creation

A R Rahman
All his songs are catchy, foot-tapping and trendy. The songs like ‘Kadhal Anukkal….’, ‘Robo Dance…’, ‘Boom Boom…’ or ‘Kilimanjaro…’, all evooke thunderous applause. Rahman’s mastery in blending orchestration, harmony and rhythm add pep to all the numbers.

The lyrics too compliment the songs and the theme of the movie. The legend in Vairamuthu, his novice son Karky(also the script writer) and Pa Vijay deserve applause.

Antony’s sharp scissors has ensured he has given what the people want. A little more of the movie would have spoiled the show and made it a dragging affair.

Verdict: We love tamil cinema there could be no other verdict than Super Super Super !!! Lower your expectations and enter the theatre,You will be amazed.

Dont forget to take your Kids to the theater they would love it.



  1. pub

    What a Film… ur genius…No one sit ur chair(super star)..? sorry no one touch ur chair(super star)….Really ur super star…Super star nu yarunu keta Athu Neenga thanu every film neenga prove panni irukinga.

  2. rajini rasigai

    enthiran was superbbbbb.hats off to shankar and the graphics in the lat 15 minutes were awesome

  3. Jayaprakash

    In Tamil film No. 1 Hero (always) since 1970s……Mr.Rajini…………No1. Director (Entertainer) Mr. Shankar……made Enthiran as a world best Movie with the support of Music Director AR Rahman and Rasool. Hope this movie will grab so many Oscar awards soon.
    All the very best and advance wishes for getting the Oscar…………….

  4. ak

    enthiran is super fime.tamil cinimavilaya first hollwood filmthe robo.rajni act is super.super  robp rajni voice,act style,andfight timeing jokes.nan eethuvaril paartha batathilaya robovil feeling robo katiya film this movie.nan sariya solla bona vjiay fan. nan vjiay film batathuku kuta rs.100 mayla bonathila aana robo film
    rs.200kututhan. oru thetavr maattoom bakala 3time see the film.

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