Rangoon Movie Review

Rangoon Movie Review

Rangoon Movie Review
Rangoon Movie Review

Written and Directed by: Rajkumar Periasamy
Produced by: AR Murugadoss (Fox Star Studios)
Cast: Gautham Karthik, Sana Makbul, Lallu, Siddique, Anand, Daniel Annie Pope
Songs music: Vikram RH and Vishal Chandrasekhar
Background score: Vishal Chandrasekhar
Cinematography: Anish Tharun Kumar


Director Rajkumar Periasamy has taken a new subject and narrated it with some genuine ground work and smart execution.

Rangoon is all about three youngsters getting some opportunities to come up in life. The movie narrates how they get in to a dangerous trap.

The movie is set in North Chennai. Venkat (Gautham Karthik) belongs to a family that had come here from Myanmar (formerly Burma) in 1988. He becomes a close friend to Kumaran who is living in the same locality. Venkat soon loses his father. He becomes an irresponsible guy as he grows up.

Venkat gets a job in the jewelery shop of Gunaseelan (Siddique), who is into smuggling. Venkat saves him from a deadly attack and in turn, Guna helps Venkat to establish his own business. Meanwhile, Venkat falls for Natasha (Sana), an aspirant singer.

Slowly Venakt and his friends get involved in Guna’s dealings. They get good income but the dangerous game puts them into deep trouble that terribly affects them in many ways. Their lives are at risk even as the newly-appointed investigative officer Syed Nawazuddin (Anand) hatches plan to nab them. What went wrong? Who is the reason for making their lives so miserable? What happened to the boys?

Script analysis

Director Rajkumar Periasamy has done a remarkable job in bringing the lives of the poor people and their environment in North Chennai. He has done his home work well and it shows in the depiction of the way the jewellery merchants make use of the local boys and the way the smuggling takes place.

The movie has a solid story and interesting screenplay. The movie moves on fast with many twists and turns. All most all the characters have some important role to play with the characterizations are too good. The bonding between the protagonist and his friend is touching. The way they get into trouble has been convincingly told.

Many scenes stand out. Goutham saving the life of his owner, the travel to Rangoon, the loss of money, the kidnap drama, and the revelation at the end are some of the scenes that deserve complements. The investigation process too has been well executed. The emotional dimension in this crime story is excellent. The gray shades between good and bad have been effectively handled.

On the flip side, the climax portion could have been crispier. The way the hero comes to know about the conspiracy lacks imagination. The romantic portion is not up t the mark.


Gautham Karthik has rendered a top notch performance. His dialogue delivery, body language and expressions are very good. A mature performance.

Sana looks fresh and does her job without any flaw. Siddique is quite convincing as scheming Gunaseelan. Others including Makbul, Lallu, Anand and Daniel Annie Pope are remarkably good.

Vishal Chandrasekhar’s background score is excellent. It perfectly merges with the mood of the film. Vikram’s tunes are good.

The fight sequences choreographed by Anbariv are quite emphatic.

Positive points

Story and script
Goutham and others’ performances

Negative points

The growth of the boys needs to be more convincing
The long climax


Rajkumar Periasamy has given us an engaging movie thanks t his homework, writing and execution. The performances and the other ingredients like music have also worked out well.

Rangoon: Engaging drama on crime and living

Rating: 3.5 stars


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