Rajapattai Movie Review

Rajapattai Movie Review – Forgettable Fare

Rajapattai Movie Review

Rajapattai Movie Review

Cast: Vikram, Deeksha Seth, K Viswanath, Mithra Kuriyan, Pradeep Rawat
Direction: Suseenthiran
Production: Prasad V. Potluri
Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja

Director Suseenthiran has once again tries his hand on commercial movie. He has chosen real estate mafia as the central issue. He has the support of super-performer Vikram, talented music director Yuvan Shankar Raja, fine cinematographer Madhie, the pretty Deeksha Seth as heroine and a good dialogue writer (Bhaskar Shakthi). This team has the potential to hit the bull’s eye and let us see if it has achieved it.

Story Line:

Rajapattai is all about a gym boy Anal Murugan (Vikram), aspiring to become a powerful villain in Tamil cinema, confronting the all powerful real estate mafia run by Minister Akka (Sana). Murugan saves an old man Dakshinamurthy (K Viswanath), for the clutches of his own son, who belongs to Akka’s close quarters. The son wants to sell a children’s home owned by his father to Akka to get MLA seat but the home is father’s dream. He doesn’t want to part with it. Murugan saves the old man and gives shelter to him. Slowly they develop a special bond towards each other and Dakshinamurthy helps Murugan to win the heart of his love interest (Deeksha Seth).

Akka’s might and cunning ways succeed in getting the home but Murugan is determined to get it back. He has got to take on Akka and her powerful supporter (Pradeep Rawat), who works from the background. A few well choreographed fights and some tricks do the magic for our hero. Finally he succeeds in his mission and become a hero instead of villain in films!

Script Review

Suseenthiran has got everything right in terms of cast and crew. He has also got a potential story that could make an absorbing film. But he grossly fails in script department. The script is quite tame to say the least. You cannot pick one brilliant scene. Everything is predictable and dull.

Vikram’s charm and Deeksha’s beauty have failed to save the lackluster script.

The satirical element running through the film brings a few smiles on your face.

The stunts (Anal Arasu) have been choreographed well. But these are not enough to save the film. Pradeep Rawat’s character has been given a lot of build up but the scenes involving him fail to live up to the expectation except the astonishing fight scene in the market. The ‘investigation’ drama looks like a child’s play.

Cast and Crew Review:

Vikram has, probably for the first time, put up a below average performance in a role that offers little challenge. His appearances in different get ups in a song and investigation scene fail to impress, as they are poorly conceived.

Vikram has already proved his worth in commercial films like Dhool and Saamy. His role in Rajapattai looks like a dull shade of those efforts.

Deeksha Seth has nothing to do, not even in terms of glamour. She appears and disappears. Better luck next time babe!

Mithra Kuriyan, Ramaiya, and Pradeep Rawat have done their parts well. K. Viswanath is a surprise casting and the old man brings some cheers to the viewers.

Music by Yuvan Shankar Raja has nothing special to write about. Cinematography by Madhie and stunts by Anal Arasu are good.

Bhaskar Shakthi’s dialogues fail to make any impact.

Positive points:

Cinematography and stunts.

Negative points:

Lackluster Script that offers no challenge to the actors and no entertainment to the viewers.


Suseenthiran has disappointed the viewers despite having many talented persons in his team.

Rajapattai: Forgettable fare.


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