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Raavanan Movie Review

Raavanan Movie Review Online

Banner: Madras Talkies

Cast: Vikram, Aishwarya Rai, Priyamani, Prithviraj, Prabhu, Karthik, Vaiyapuri

Direction: Mani Ratnam

Production: Mani Ratnam

Music: A R Rahman

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Raavanan Top Line Story

Cop Prithviraj has just one mission in his life. He wants to capture the local outlaw, veera (Vikram) who may be a Robin Hood for the tribals around, nevertheless, he is a law breaker. More importantly, he has kidnapped the cop’s beautiful wife, Ragini (Aishwarya Rai Bachchan) to avenge a personal grouse and has escaped into the dense jungles. Turn of events: the kidnapper falls in love with his victim who too gets indecisive about where her loyalties

Story on Ramayanam lines

Leave alone the fact Mani was inspired from Ramayanam but here in this, the Raavanan is the hero.
The title role is played by Vikram He is Veera alias Veeraiah. A tribal leader who’s fighting for his groups rights. His charateistics are highlighted on screen during an enquiry scene where the police talks to the tribal to find out what kind of a person this Veera is.

Veera and his elder brother Singam (Prabhu), younger brother Sakkarai (Munna) live in a tribal village somewhere near Thirunelveli. Veera runs his own Government and his followers abide to his words. He is the strength of the tribal. Everyone loves, respectes and fears him and even ready to sacrifice their life for him.

Dev (Prithviraj), on line with God (Ram character) is a special task force Superintendent of Police and is on the hunt of Veera with other cops and a forest guard (Karthik), a new age Hanuman assists him. His goddess like wife Ragini (Aishwarya Rai) the Sita character, is also with him.

In a operation, Veera’s sister Vennila (Priyamani in the character of Surpanangai) is raped by the special task force officers.To settle his vengeance with the STF Veera kidnaps Ragini,Polie Chief Devs Wife as his hostage for 14 days.

Ragini is initially feared to see Veera and assusmes he is a brutal beast, but as the days pass she discovers that her ‘God like’ husband is no saint and has dark shades in his character, too. Veera releases her with no demand, On her return Dev asks Ragini to undergo polygraph test to prove her self. What happens next should been seen on the silver screen.

Cast review
Two words to Say on Vikrams Performance simply electric, the star has shown what he is capable off.

The next on line is Prithvi Raj, who’s the dynamic Superintendent of Police. He is oozing with confidence as an actor and his chemistry with Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is good enough on screen. He makes it quite obvious as being the Rama in this story.

Aishwarya Rai characterization is simple. But gives one of the strongest performances of her career, A very Few directors have succeeded in making us look beyond her beauty and see the actor in her. She has done that successfully in this film. Most of the credit goes to Mani for getting the best out of her.

The other supporting characters like Karthik as a forest officer, Prabhu as Vikram’s older brother, Munna as Vikram’s younger brother and others are impressively handled characters.

Priya Mani as Vikram’s step sister has done a commendable job. Her character as a bold sister to the strong brother is much appreciable. Her performance will definitely be applauded and as she’s playing the same role in the Hindi version, she has made an excellent start to her Bollywood journey before the upcoming Rakta Charitira.

And Controversial Sex godman Nithayananda fame Actress Ranjitha is also seen on screen, who gets the most whistles on screen

Mani rathnam has made sure all the characters receive the deserved importance. Mani Ratnam is the master unarguably; he has made sure the actors have their presence felt on screen.

Crew Analysis

Technically speaking, Editor Srikar Prasad has sharp scissors. The screenplay in the first half, though nothing has been conveyed and is an utter waste of film reels, his editing is near precision. Stunts and bomb work by Peter Heines and Shyam Kaushal deserve appreciation and so is art director Sameer’s work, given the fact that most of the movie was shot in and around water. The tribal village, the police camp, a bridge and a marriage set were simply amazing and he would be one technician to make note of. The fight on the bridge just before the climax is an edge-of-the-seat scene that has been well shot and well directed.

But there is one man who will be applauded for his work (perhaps the only respite in the movie) is Santosh Sivan and his camera work! Mani’s movies always have natural lighting and Santosh has used it to good effect. Green pastures, water falls, rivers, trees, and all that nature can offer in a forest are radiantly shown. Hats of Santosh, you’ve done a splendid job!

Winding up this section, A R Rahman’s music is classy. His tribal beats merge with the movie’s theme. His rerecording could have been better but nevertheless, a great show! Hard work from cast and crew is evident in the movie, given that the movie was shot under incessant rain, blood sucking leeches etc, but what does it count for?

With So much plus lets move to review the minuses too

The paper-thin plot in the first half, does get you somewhat restless Also May be because the first half was a major let down and the second half carried a lot to show (or burden) the audience.

The no perfect story in the film you feel the screenplay was a let down with only few scenes showing Mani’s directing supremacy.

The Songs from Rahman had a Hindi Flavour also the scenes lacked Tamil nativity or flavour or realism, what ever you call, it would be better if Mani Ratnam tries for a straight Tamil film next time.

Over All : Raavanan is a treat for quality cinema lovers



  1. Anonymous

    Nice Review, Raavaanan is better than hindi Raavan friends say.

    Booked my tickets for Sunday, eagerly awaiting to watch.

  2. Anonymous

    yeah! Ravanan (tamil) is much better than Raavan(HINDI)…. i watched the two films BACK to BACK…..!


  3. Anonymous

    Wow Aishwarya!!!

    A combination of ethereal beauty and mind-blowing talented actress…

    The Kareenas and Katrinas and Priyankas can contend among themselves, but Aishwarya Rai is much beyond them.

  4. Anonymous

    It proves once again that Mani knows well to copy. Thalabathi from Maha Baratham & now Raavanan from Raamayanam.. Oh..ithukku ellam copy rights illainnuttu ippadi yellaam panuraaroh???!!!

  5. Anonymous

    he copies most of his films from forien language. one of my favorite movie is "amores perros" a spanish film , from which mani did "ayutha ezhuthu".

  6. Anonymous

    Overall, i dint enjoy watching like raavan – Just got back from the movie, dint feel like Mani sir's moviee!!! Its a shamee…AR Rahman music score and BGM score kinda let me down, and deffo, first half got me restless, — Second half deffo had a teeny weenyy bit of mani's touch!! — Abhi has done a great job and Ash (neva like her) — She potrayed a beautiful character, i cud admire her throught the movie..Much appreciated, Yet agen Vikram and Priyamani — Beauty it was!!! Vikram proved tht he is a true artist!!!

    But sumwhere down the line, I felt it was a usuall masala flick which was directed in a very trendy way!! — Arghh, i did expect a lot, Mani sir kinda let his fans down!!!

    Looking forward to watch the tamil version!!!

  7. Anonymous

    Actress Ranjitha is the one who got most whistles in the theater and its a slap on the DMK s face for making the sun TV a Blue film TV by repeatedly telecasting the controversial telecast of the Sex video godman Nithayananda with her….. Godman raped her once but Sun Tv Raped her repeatedly by telecasting that video……….

  8. Anonymous

    Its not everyone's cup of coffee to show off Raavan in a positive frame.

    Only NTR could pull it off successfully, multiple times, in his classics. He directed & acted in Raavan's character in such a manner that we come to love Raavan.

    Going by the response/reviews, Mani could just show Raavan as a howling caricature. One need to know Ramayana in & out to get the real Raavana. Only NTR's directorial eye could notice Raavan's nuances.

    Hats-off to NTR.

  9. Anonymous

    I just watched Tamil version.. Vikram's performance was excellent and mani usual touch is little bit missing in this film.. may because of the story line was already known to us.. Editing and photography was good..Good to watch.. Do not go with too much expectation; just go watch and have fun…

  10. Anonymous

    Another class movie from Manirathnam. Must watch tamil version, outstanding performances by Vikram & Aishwarya. Hats off to Santosh Sivan's photography !

  11. Anonymous

    I have seen this movie,Apart from Vikram ,karthi,prithvi and Prabu ntohing is interesting.language spoken this movie is noticeble .Sccreen play is poor and very slow. climax is very very slow and bored me.Music i cant say nothing,it makes me to feel like watching a hindi movie.We got energy in tamil songs and music man,Mani Sir please try to make film in Tamil alone like "AGNI Nakshathram".It is still far better than Raavanan, but Raavanan is far better than Raavan.

  12. Anonymous

    Raavanan movie is not much good mani is reallty waste director nothing is there in this movie……….. enda movie nalla ellai che thu what a karab movie this is…………….

  13. Anonymous

    Ravanan fentasitc…vikram is better than suriya … vikram awesome actor in tamil cinema. he is national award winner of tamil cinema… he is a better for all think about suriya… chiyan rocksss…

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