Raavan Movie Preview – A Love battle


Raavan Movie Preview:

The much awaited movie of the year “Raavan” is going to be released on 18th June worldwide. In Hindi version, Gulzar has written all the songs in Music Maestro AR Rahman’s music.T-Series has bagged the rights of audio rights.

Abhishek Bachchan is happy as the songs of the hindi version has already been a chart buster.He is hoping that the movie will become a super hit like how the songs did. The story line is a known one to all and it’s all about the latest trend Raavans.

“Love is a battle nobody wins but everyone must fight”, this is the theme of the story which Mani Ratnam narrates in the film.

In the film, Abhishek Bachchan plays the lead character Raavan (Beera) who kidnaps Aishwarys Rai (Sita @ Rahini) and falls in love with her. Tamil star Vikram plays the role of Ram (Dev) in the hindi version and lead role of Raavan in the tamil one. Govinda’s role is inspired by Hanuman, Ravi Kissan plays Abhishek’s aide and Nikhil Dwivedi plays a cop and Priyamani plays a prominent role.

The movie is going to be visual summer treat for all and yet another great movie from Mani Ratnam to Indian Cinema.



  1. Anonymous

    yeah true. its gonna be a pathetic flop movie…the songs are pathetic to listen to. ar rahman who gave u oscars. u suck.

  2. Anonymous

    yesssssss. so true. bullshit movies like this should be banned. thala ajith and thalapathy vijay the masses.

  3. Anonymous

    Every one shud support different scripted movies like RAAVANAN…don go for movies like SURA which is a bull shit and spoiling the name of Tamil cinema

  4. Anonymous

    விஜய் ரசிகர்கள் ஒரு வடிகட்டின முட்டாள்கள்.அவங்களுக்கு கமெண்ட் அடிக்க கூட தகுதி இல்லாதவர்கள்.

  5. Anonymous

    Why are we comparing the bullshit vijay's movies with Mani's movies?.Mani is the one who is taken tamil cinemas to different heights.Vijay is spoilling that by acting same kind of action movies which is having 5 songs and 5 fights.All uneducated ppl deserved to watch VIJAY movies, who is acting to waste their time.

  6. Anonymous

    anyone who watches,,and who makes or who acts in vijay movies dont know what film making is about…senseless ppl..only for money….the ppl who compared sura to raavan is mentally depressed by seeing sura tats why they cant hear the magic songs of ar rahman…his songs bet interesting to hear when u hear it again and again….thats in no other music….

  7. Anonymous

    who sais sura mass…. gullshit only first two weeks theatre mass…then after that theatres empty box …..

  8. Anonymous

    what the hell…vijay fan stop commenting so many times…it makes ALL THE VIJAY FANS look retarded. Obviously sura is an utter garbage film, i am pretty sure you agree deep inside.

  9. Anonymous

    Two biggest clows of tamil cinema should not be compared to Mani rathnams work. people please grow up its time to look past monkes jumping up and down in movies. it very hard for vijay and ajit to name top 5 movies where the movie was well repsected movie…i can name one for ajit maybe vaali. anways when we have fool that get excited for movie like sura and compare it to raavanan, tamil cinema will always have monkes watching it..

  10. Anonymous

    Sura padam paaathuttu uyiroda irukkavanga ellaarum periya sodhanaiyilum saadhanai senchavanga. Athula naanum oruthan…. Sura padam nallaa irukkunnu solravanga ellaam athula baathika pattu koncham paithiyam aanavanga….. Avangala yaarum thittaatheenga.

  11. Anonymous

    dont ever talk about tamil cinemas so badly ! what about hindi, telugu etc etc.. a movie is just a movie be whatever the hell the language is ! just watch it and forget it ! just grow up.

  12. Anonymous

    Of course , it takes ppl with a sophisticated taste to like mani ratnam's films, ppl with an ability to open their minds to new and thrilling ideas and concepts. However ppl who like the traditional form of tamil films w/ a few fights n songs and hero beats villain in the end stories are always gonna like films from heroes such as vijay. So its not wich is better but wich is suited to one's individual taste really.

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