Rattinam Movie Review

Raattinam Movie Review – Worth a watch

Rattinam Movie Review

Raattinam Movie Review

Cast: Lagubaran, Swathy, Thangasamy
Direction: K S Thangasamy
Production: Rajarathinam Films
Music: Manureshman
Cinematographer: Raj Sundar

Debutant filmmaker K.S. Thangsamy’s Raattinam has created lot of anticipation after it was selected for screening at German Film Festival before its release in Tamilmadu. That ace director Gautham Vasudev Menon praised the movie as rural VTV the expectations soured sky high. Has the movie lived up to the expectations?

Yes, up to some extent would be the honest answer to this question. The romance seems to be inspired by Balaji Shakthivel’s Kadhal rather than Menon’s VTV.


Raattinam is set in Tuticorin. Director Thangasamy has made optimum usage of the geographical space of the area. The movie deals with a romance between a youth and a final year school student.

Ashok (K.S. Thangasamy) earns the support of his party leader to make his wife getting elected as councillor in the constituency allotted for women.

His young brother Jayam (Lagubaran) is a care-free youngster. He romes around with his friends and helps his brother in his business.

He meets Dhanam (Swathy), a final year school student when he goes with his friend to help him for his love. After some hide and seek game both fall for each other. Dhanam’s father is an officer in the Tuticorin Port and her uncle is a public prosecutor.

The lovers get caught by their families. The girl’s family vehemently opposes the proposal and try hard to break the love. The lovers are strong and stubborn despite stiff opposition form their respective families. They decide to elope from their families when things get tougher for them. This incident creates a nasty situation. All hell breaks loose and on their return, they encounter the shock of their lives.

See the climax to know what happens to them and their families.

Script Analysis:

The debutant director has to be complemented for his fine portrayal of his chosen backdrop. First he gives a clear idea of the backgrounds of the families involved. He has done this without making us boring. He has also depicted the culture and traditions of the persons.

The movie has moments that leave an impact with the audience. It is not loud or violent. It doesn’t go overboard in showing the emotions. Everything is shown in a realistic manner. The characters look real. The romance has been portrayed with lot of fun and imagination. The problem and the complexities have been conceived and executed well.

The twists towards the climax seem to be too much to digest. There is no need to end the movie with such a pathetic note. The movie ends with a lump in your throat, which could be avoided.

Cast and Crew Analysis:

Lagubaran has boy next-door looks. He acts very casually and confidently. Swathy as Dhanam looks cute and emotes well. Her expressive eyes are a major plus.

The director has played a key role in the film and has done well too.

The dialogues have been written well with a touch of nativity.

Music director Manureshman hasn’t done a great job though a couple of songs sound good.

Raj Sundar’s camera has captured Tuticorin port and Tiruchendur temple well. The temple festival has been picturised well.

Positive Points:

Realistic portrayal, smooth narrative, and good action by the lead pair.

Negative Points:

Too much of twists towards the climax and unwarranted gloominess at the end.


Rattinam is an enjoyable romantic movie set in the backdrop of politically inclined families.

Rattinam: hangs in your mind for a long time


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