Potta Potti Movie Review

Potta Potti Movie Review

Potta Potti Movie Review

Cast: Sadagopan Ramesh, Harini, Mayilsami, R. Sivam, ‘Avatar’ Ganesh, Umar
Direction: Yuvaraj
Production: V. Muraliraman
Music: Aruldev
Cinematography: Gopi Amarnath

After a long time, here comes a film which would make you laugh. The film doesn’t have any message, as such, to convey to the society. Debutant director Yuvaraj’s one-line motto while making the film appears to have been ‘to make the audience laugh’. To his credit, it should be said that he has succeeded to a large extent in doing so.

Story Line

It is a tale of a build up for a cricket match played by two teams that do not know the ABC of cricket. Kodaivanan (Sivam) and Kolaivanan (Amar) are the two contenders to marry Ranjitham (Harini) by virtue of close relationship. Both of them eye the huge assets of her father. It is decided that there would be a competition to decide the bride groom. When everyone talks about traditional forms of competition a kid’s suggestion of playing cricket match has been accepted just for the heck of it.

Game on. Two local cricket teams with little knowledge about cricket are gearing up to play with each other. The clash between two teams to win the love of a girl has been narrated in an interesting manner.

Kolaivanan is more violent of the two and indulges in violent activities, while Kodaivanan is a happy, go-free who wanders the village with no specific aim to strive for. Kodai’s close associates kidnap famous cricket player Sadagopan Ramesh, who goes by their village on a personal trip. They threaten him to coach them or face the consequences.

The opponent team gets another coach hired by a private company that plans to grab the valuable natural resources of the village using Kolaivanan as instrument.

The build up for the match gets quite interesting. None of them is serious about the game but everyone wants to win.

The sharp comments by Avatharam (‘Avatar’ Ganesh), close associate of Kodaivanan and the bungling of Harichandran (Mayilsamy) enliven the proceedings. Kodaivanan’s character too contributes a lot to the humour aspect while Sadagopan’s character adds some seriousness to the story.

The twist comes in the form the love between Sadagopan and Ranjitham. Though Sadagopan works hard for making his team win, his heart b(e)ats for Ranjitham, who reciprocates positively.

What happened to the match and the love? Watch the movie to know the answers.

Script Analysis

Yuvaraj’s treatment of the script, laced with a heavy does of humour throughout, makes for painless viewing. The movie moves on a smooth pace with many hilarious moments to entertain the viewers. The second half however could have been faster. The way Kolaivanan’s team playing cricket is hard to digest given the fact that they have been shown as poorer of the two throughout the movie.

The way Sadagopan’s love treated by the villagers is not convincing.

The director could have avoided some double entrants in the first half.

Despite these flaws the movie doesn’t disappoint you as it is filled with comical incidents. Yuvaraj punches a powerful message through illegal quarrying in the end, which is an appreciable thought.

Cast Review

Sadagopan Ramesh has entered a new arena and scores well. Though he is not excellent as a motivator cum lover, he makes his role credible with his no-nonsense approach.

Harini is the only female in the script full of male stars. She brings in some pleasantness to the script with her cool acting.

R. Sivam, ‘Avatar’ Ganesh and Umar have done their part well. Sivam scores with his body language while Ganesh impresses with his sharp dialogues. Umar tries to act as a typical villain.

Mayilsamy has done his job neatly as well.

The cinematography by Gopi Amarnath is near-perfect with the camera bringing before our eyes the beauty of the village in its entirety.

Music by Aruldev is okay but the background score is rather too loud.

Plus Points

Humour quotient and acting.

Minus Points

The script makes mockery of cricket. The second half moves slowly.


Some flaws notwithstanding, Potta Potti has come out as an entertainer thanks to its hilarious treatment and neat acting.

Potta Potti: Win with fun


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