Poraali Movie Review

Poraali Movie Review – Raw and powerful

Poraali Movie Review

Poraali Movie Review

Cast: Sasikumar, Allari Naresh, Swati, Vasundhara, Ganja Karuppu, Suri
Written and directed by: Samuthirakani
Production: M. Sasikumar
Music: Sundar C Babu
Cinematography: S. R. Kathiir

Actor – directors Samuthirakani and Sasikumar share an excellent rapport. It is evident in their earlier outings Subramaniapuram,Naadodigal and Easan. Adding one more feather in their cap is Poraali. The movie features Sasikumar in the lead role with Samuthirakani wielding the megaphone.

Story Line

Poraali begins in Chennai and takes twists and turns to end up with bloody bath, after travelling to a rustic village.

Nallavan (Naresh) and Kumaran (Sasikumar) come to Chennai with a mission to eke out a decent livelihood. They seek shelter in Pulikutty’s (Ganja Karuppu) house. The compound has many families living in the same compound and the film narrates their lives in a colourful manner. Both Kumaran and Nallavan win the admiration of all with their pleasant manner and urge to help others.

There is Bharathy (Swati), a group dancer in cinema, who lives in the same place. She falls for Kumaran’s good ways. When all is well in their lives a twist comes in the form of a group of men searching for Kumaran. They spill bean on Kumaran’s past life that shocks one and all. The reveal that Kumaran and Nallavan had escaped from a mental asylum.

The latter part tells us the real background of Kumaran and Nallavan. It narrates Kumaran’s past and how he overcomes all odd situations.

Script Review

The movie has too many messages: respect neighbours, serve the society and treat mentally-challenged with respect and dignity. It also draws our attention towards the negligence of young talents.

Director Samuthirakani has managed to narrate the story in a fast manner. Though the first half is full of stray incidents and unbelievable developments (the dramatic growth of Kumaran and friends), the proceedings move fast and make the viewers forget the shortcomings. The flick has its moments of magic proceeding from strength to strength as it progresses.

The mental asylum scenes have been well narrated. The crux of the flashback portion is quite predictable but the director has managed to present it differently.

The predictable and routine climax is a big disappointment. The movie lacking in finesse too is a drawback.

Cast and Crew Review

Sasikumar seems to be tailor-made for the role of a young man with lot of energy and righteous anger. He brings right energy and dynamism to the character. Though he reminds one of his Naadodigal acts at many places, still there is a charm in his performance. He plays his part to perfection except in a few roles where he is expected to express soft feelings.

Naresh is fresh and fit the role well.

Unlike Subramaniapuram, Swati plays a city-bred girl appearing in trendy costumes.

Ganja Karuppu ably justifies his role that gives him scope to perform.

Suri hogs all limelight playing Sasikumar’s buddie.

Kathir’s cinematography captures the life in Chennai bright. The loud and racy background score by Sundar C Babu, Poraali is engrossing.

Shankar Mahadevan’s voice is haunting.

Positive Points

    Racy narrative,
    acting by the lead actors,
    and sensitive issues.

Negative Points

    Lacking in finesse,
    excessive violence,
    and clichéd climax.


There may be some short-comings like lengthy narration and clichéd climax, but still Poraali is worth a watch.

Poraali: Raw and powerful


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