Pathinaru Movie Review

Pathinaru Movie Review
Pathinaru Movie Review

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Cast: Shiva, Madhu Shalini, Abhishek, Kasthuri, Darbuka Shiva, Kishore Kumar, Black Pandi
Direction: D. Sabapathy
Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Producer:  A. Sivasankar
Cinematography: Arul Das

Director D Sabapathy who has given blockbuster hits like VIP, Punnagai Poove is back again with ‘Pathinaru’, another romantic flick which features Mirchi Shiva(Chennai 28 and Tamizh Padam fame) and Madhu Shalini(Palaniappa Kalloori fame) in the lead roles.

Though the movie advertises Shiva as its hero (and he certainly needs a break after Va ¼ Cutting), there’s precious little of him in the movie itself.

‘Pathinaru’ depicts the love and romance between two village teenage lovers. This film is indeed not a new concept but its approach and the presentation is sure to deal with real life characters that we come across daily in our life which is delivered in a fresh way.

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The movie unfolds with a usual love story between the two youngsters Shiva (Shiva) and Indhu (Madhu Shalini) who study in the same college. Everyone, from the college staff to their friends and even random people on the streets know of their romance and fall in love with the lovebirds themselves.

Indhu belongs to an affluent family whereas Shiva is from a middle class background. When Indhu’s parents(Abhishek and Amritha) suddenly find out about their daughter’s love, instead of confronting and reprimanding her (as in usual films), they invite Shiva home on the day when the lovers decide to elope. After a spirited argument against love, Indhu’s mother hand over into them a handwritten book/diary titled ‘Pathinaru’.

The book takes us to a village flashback, as we journey to Poomparai, on the edges of Kerala, a charming rustic village which reveals the sweet teenage love story between 16 year old Gopalakrishnan aka Gophi and Ilavarasi.

Ilavarasi belongs to a rich family, albeit a loving one; Gopalakrishnan, as is the norm, is poor. The two grow up together since childhood and Ilavarasi is a very out-spoken, headstrong girl, firm in her decisions and willing to go against everyone to get them done. Her family is bent on getting her married to Sakkarai (Mari), who adores her. Ilavarasi, however is attracted to the simple Gopalakrishnan who idolises her. Circumstances play spoilsport in their life and separate the lovers. Ilavarasi leaves her lover for her father who threatens her by killing himself if she marries the poor Gopi.

The flashback, in turn, leads to the present, putting Shiva and Indhu in a dilemma about their own lifestyles and decisions. Unlike any daughter Indhu too gets touched with the story and decides to leave her love for her parents.

Shiva gets shocked by her decision and tries to get back her love. He leaves to the village and gets in touch with the story couple Gopi and Ilavarasi. The rest of the story parts on how he tries to win Indhu’s heart back with the help of the lover couple is the climax.

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Cast Review:

Shiva – He tries to play the spirited lover-boy and does get a couple of gags right, but the screenplay doesn’t give him much choice. Shiva himself, doesn’t look very comfortable doing a serious role, and needs to work on it.

Madhu Shalini – as young lover performs with complete ease and she looked completely natural as a college girl.

The girl who plays Ilavarasi acts like a professional. In fact, the movie belongs to her.

Abishek made his mark with his striking act.

Darbuga Shiva and Pandy have done their roles adequately.

Kasthuri has done a small cameo after the item song ‘Kutthu Vilakku’

Yuvan Shankar Raja’s music fits the film and adds some depth to it; Adada En Meethu is particularly melodious.

G Ramarao’s editing is near-perfect — the film is quite short, and ends in just over two hours.

Positive Points

Yuvan Shankar Raja’s music is pleasing to the ear.

Sceenplay is perfect and the film mainly focuses on love and romance of young generation with the emotional touch of father and daughter who deal with different kind of feelings.

Arul Das’s camera-work draws you in, especially during the flashback sequences.

Negative Points

characters never quite gel and they failed to impress us.

There’s no enough heart-touching story behind either Indhu-Shiva’s love, or the Ilavarasi-Gopalakrishnan story which makes us support them.

It is difficult to digest the characterization of a simple village girl who appears extremely strong enough to revolt against her parents and initiate her lover to impregnate her.These kind of sequences could have been avoided.

Shiva’s casual sporty image is not apt for a serious hero look and he needs to work on it.

All the twists and turns are quite predictable.


Well, to be honest, this is a romantic with a few nice touches but fails to inspire the audience completely. Yet another average film for Shiva.


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