Pandigai Movie Review

Pandigai Movie Review

Pandigai Movie Review
Pandigai Movie Review

Written and directed by: Feroz
Cast: Krishna, Anandi, Saravanan, Black Pandi, Nithin Sathya and Madhushan Rao
Music: RH VIkram
Cinematography: Aarvi


Velu (Krishna) is an orphan with a troubled past. He works as a house keeping staff in a five star hotel with his friend Tirupathii (Black Pandi) while is ambition is to go to Dubai and run a decent and respectful life. He needs money for getting passport.

Muniyan (Saravanan) is a loser who has lost his house and family in Cricket betting scheme run by a underworld don Natwar Dada (Madhusudhan Rao). The don also runs a Fight club where two individuals are made to fight it out and others would bet on the winning fighter.

Muniyan once sees Velu single-handedly beating up the thugs who mess up with his friend in a bar. He persuades Velu to take part in the fight sport so that both can earn money. Velu refuses the deal as he wants to stay away from violence. But he changes his decision soon and wins many competitions. On a fateful day, Velu’s mistake makes Muniyan facing a life threatening situation.

Velu enters into a dangerous game to rescue Muniyan. What happened to his efforts forms the rest of the film.

Script Analysis

‘Pandigai’ will definitely be one of the memorable films in the acting career of Krishna and also the respective careers of all who have worked in the film as it is a gripping action cum heist thriller film. Debutant director Feroz’s name can be easily added to the list of promising new age directors. His hard work and commitment is evident in the way he has taken up an entirely new concept of fist fight and portrayed the functioning of that less known underworld business with sheer authenticity. Almost all the characters and dialogues are so natural and strengthen the plot line. The hero’s flashback, his change of decision, his acceptance to be a part of a heist crime and the final decision he takes after getting all the money are all portrayed quite convincingly.

Apart from that the film is pretty engaging with almost never a dull moment baring a few mundane love scenes. Even the songs are used to take forward the narrative. There is a brilliantly edited song to portray the fight clubs activities and the rise of Velu.

On the downside the first half and second half look very much unconnected. With this much of detailing about the underworld fight club one would expect that it would have relevance till the end of the film. But the second of has little do with the fights and betting and that makes it look like a separate film. Nevertheless it is quite entertaining except for the long drawn out climax fight and some convenient turns and addition of characters.

Performance analysis

Krishna has gone into the nerve of the character and conveys everything with his eyes and body language. His hard work and commitment for the film is evident in his fitting physique and the way he has performed the risky stunt sequences. Anandhi is just a necessary love interest of the hero and she looks prettier than her earlier films.

Saravanan in a character that is as important as the hero’s has done a very good job. Nithin Sathya plays the role of a Hindi speaking old aged worker in the fight club, with appreciable conviction. Madhusudhan Rao is menacing as the don but it is better for him to be alarmed about getting typecast in similar roles.

RH Vikram’s has done a fantastic job with his pulsating background score. Aarvi’s cinematography enhances the impact of the scenes with apt lighting and color tone. Editor Prabhahar’s work in conveying the activities in the fight club with a complex yet clear narrative is praiseworthy. Fight sequences are the backbone of the film and the stunt choreographer duo Anbariv have shouldered the responsibility with finesse.

Positive points

Script with a unique background

Negative points

Change of genre in both the halves
Convenient turns towards the climax
Love scenes


Despite a few shortcomings, ‘Pandigai’ can be easily named as one of the fulfilling well made action thrillers of the year.

Pandigai: Engaging movie

Rating: 3.5 stars


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