Paagan Movie Review

Paagan Movie Review – Life ‘Cycle’

Paagan Movie Review

Cast: Srikanth, Janani Iyer, Kovai Sarala, Soori, Pandi and A. Venkatesh
Direction: Mohammed Aslam
Producer: Viswas U Lad & V. Purushothaman
Music: James Vasanthan
Cinematography: J. Laxman

The film starts on an interesting note, when a bicycle narrates its owner’s story. From then on, ‘Paagan‘ directed by with this film directed by Mohammad Aslam, who is a former associate of Cheran and Ameer takes the audience on a joy ride, as it a feel good story with a twist at the end.


Subramani (Srikanth) is a carefree youth whose life revolves around two things- his bicycle and his friends Velliyangiri (Suri) and Magali (Pandi).

He and his friends function with a single point agenda- that they should earn money without going to any work. For that, Subramani plans to woo Mahalakshmi (Janani Iyer), daughter of a local bigwig (A Venkatesh).

Subramani’s plan is that if he marries Mahalakshmi, he could settle in life. But fate has other plans for him. After some drama and dramatic incidents he succeeds in winning Maha’s heart. But he is in for a shock when she comes out of her home empty handedly to marry him.

Subramani is not ready to accept her without her wealth. He tells his feelings on her face and rejects her love. Dehjected Maha develops hatred towards Subramani.

Things take turn when Subramani finds through Maha’s diary that she is so passionate about him right from her childhood. Realizing her true love he feels very bad about his acts. Now he wants to make amends but Maha is not ready to relent.

Watch the movie to know whether he succeeds in his sincere attempts to win Maha’s heart once again.

Script Analysis:

Debutan director Mohammed Aslam has understood the power of script and has presented a neat entertainer without going behind star value. He has done well in making the movie a fun filled experience. He has also made some emotional sequences well. He has utilized the acting skills of Kovai Sarala and Suri very well. The scene when Maha comes to Subramani’s house is quite hilarious.

Of course there are few lapses. The second half is full of predictable sequences. The director makes everything so easy for the hero, who finds help in all his hurdles through some ‘unexpected’ incidents. Too much liberty has been taken and that has marred the whole impact.

The climax chase is nothing new but it has been executed well.

Performance Analysis:

Srikanth makes a strong comeback.  Srikanth shines bright with a new look.

Director  Mohammed Aslam has managed to deliver goods in his first movie itself, thus making a decent debut.

And ‘Paagan’ turns out to be an important venture for Janani Iyer too. She is not just beautiful, but performs well too. The ‘Avan Ivan’ fame actress does a role with substance and establishes herself as a talented artiste.

Kovai Sarala, Suri, Pandi have done commendable job while Sarala stands out with her unmatchable expressions and voice modulations.

A couple of tunes by James Vasanthan are hummable.

Positive Points:

Srikanth’s performance, comedy, racy script

Negative Points:

Lack of new ideas and predictable second half


Paagan has come out as a comical entertainer though it is predictable after a point.

Paagan: Breezy ride on a cycle


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