Osthe Movie Review

Osthe Movie Review – Fails to recreate the magic

Osthe Movie Review

Osthe Movie Review

Cast: STR aka Simbu, Richa Gangophadyay, Nassar, ‘Jithan’ Ramesh, Santhanam, Sonu Sood
Direction: Dharani
Production: Balaji Media Pvt Ltd Productions
Music: Thaman
Cinematography: Gopinath

Mass movies are the order of the day in Tamil cinema. Gun-totting heroes uttering punch lines are the preferred ones by the masses going by the success of some recent flicks. Seemingly going by the trend, director Dharani and actor STR aka Silambarasan have joined hands for a commercial cocktail in Osthe, a remake of Hindi hit Dabangg.

The story of a stylish cop who has a mission to achieve is what Osthe is all about. It was Salman Khan’s charisma that carried the movie all through in its Hindi version. A mindless masala but ended up as a biggest grosser at the box grosser thanks to Salman’s funny antics that re-invented his career. STR replaces Salman in Tamil version.

Story Line

Osthe Velan (STR) is a fearless young police officer who fights corrupt and greedy at Kattupakkam police station in Thirunelveli police station. He is corrupt but more a kind of Robinhood who robs the poor and greedy and pays the pauper.

He has love-hate relationship with his half brother Balan (Jithan Ramesh). There is love for him in the form of a rural belle Neduvalli (Richa Gangopadhyay). They get attracted to each other.

There is an enemy to Velan in the form of Boxer Daniel (Sonu Sood).The latter wants to win the by-elections in the village and set foot in politics. He uses all unlawful activities to win the elections. But velan comes in between him and success. They try to over smart each other. Daniel gets more violent and nasty as his tactics are defeated by the cop with ease.

Eventually all boils down to a bloody battle between the two in the climax. The good prevails over the evil.

Script Review

Osthe is an unpretentious mass masala flick and hence there is no meaning in looking at the film with a logical approach. But the director taking too much allowance in the name of entertainment would kill the the very purpose i.e., the engaging aspect.

Osthe precisely suffers from this drawback. Dharani, who had earlier given some engrossing scripts in Dhil, Dhool, and Ghilli, has failed to recreate the magic. The package is too clichéd and predictable to relish. Worse, the movie resembles more a spoof at several scenes than a serious film revolving around a cop.

There is romance, humour, action and emotions perfectly mismatched at regular intervals in the movie.
The portrayal of villain leaves much to be desired, as the character comes across a clichéd baddie at many scenes. The characterization of the heroine is half baked. Nasser’s talants have been wasted in an insignificant and poorly shaped character.

Cast Review

Does STR lives up to the role / does he match what Salman managed to do in Dabanng is the million dollar question. Unfortunately it seems to be a bumpy ride for STR who almost imitates Sallu all through the film and manages to leave an impression partially.

Comparisons apart, there is no doubt that Simbu carries the whole movie in his shoulders. He dances and fights with abundant energy. But he comes across as a funny police officer at places. His diction of Thirunelveli dialect of Tamil is good.

Sonu Sood does what he did in the original. He looks good. His well built body, facial expressions and body language augur well for a powerful villain.

Richa Gangopadhyay as Neduvalli is cute and glamourous. Jithan Ramesh enacts the role played by Arbaz Khan as step-brother of Osthe Velan. He gets a meaty role to play and does some justice to the role.

Among a horde of supporting actors including Santhanam, Saranya Mohan, Nassar, Revathy, VTV Ganesh, Thambi Ramiah, Thambi Ramaiah leaves a mark.

The highlight of the movie is Bollywood sexy-siren Mallika Sherawat’s item number ‘Kalasala , which is equivalent to Munni Badnam.

Cinematographer Gopinath cranks the camera in style capturing the racy script with fresh colours, while Thaman’s loud music compliments the theme. Item song Kalasala and Thamizhnattu Copputhaan are appealing to the masses.

Positive Points

Cinematography and peppy numbers.

Negative Points

Clichéd script, lacking in style, and spoof-like narrative.


A sense of déjà vu prevailing all through plays spoilsport.


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