Oru Nadigayin Vakku Moolam Movie Review

Oru Nadigayin Vaakku Moolam Movie Review – Agony of an actress

Oru Nadigayin Vakku Moolam Movie Review

Cast: Sonia Agarwal, Yogi Devaraj, Girija, Raj Kapoor, Manobala, Ganja Karuppu, Kovai Sarala and Nicole
Direction: Rajkrishna
Production:K Prasahanth
Cinematography: Naga Krishnan
Music: Aadhish

Movies made on the film world are a rarity in Tamil cinema. Apparently filling the void is Oru Nadigayin Vaakumoolam. Debutant film-maker Rajkrishna has taken on the job of narrating the travails of an actress who overcomes several hurdles to become a star.


Anjali (Sonia Agarwal) is the daughter of a poor villager Devarajulu (Yogi Devaraj). Anjali’s mother (Girija) brings her to Chennai with a sole aim of making her an actress in Tamil cinema. She runs from pillar to post and knocks at the door of all studios. Coming to know that agreeing to a casting couch alone can fetch her chance in cinema, Anjali’s mother convinces her for it.

Thus actress Anjali is born. She makes it big with successive hits. Her mother’s attitude towards the life changes. Anjali is forced to become a money-making machine. She is forced to undergo physical and mental abuse.
After facing turmoil, the actress finally decides to take the extreme step to teach people around her a lesson.

Script Analysis:

The film begins on a brisk note but slowly loses steam as it progresses with clichéd narrations and lengthy dialogues. The purpose behind the whole effort is commendable but the way it has been executed leaves much to be desired. Debutant director Rajkrishna has tried to picture the emotional pressures an actress undergoes and how stressful their lives could be behind the camera. But he has failed to come up with an interesting and convincing screenplay.

Cast and Crew:

Sonia Agarwal deserves accolades. She plays her part well. The agony of a struggling woman is brought out well by her. Girija as Sonia’s mother deserves a mention. ‘Yogi’ Devaraj as a desperate father who wants to help her daughter succeed in life chips in with his best.

The rest of the cast includes Raj Kapoor, Manobala, Ganja Karuppu, while the likes of Kovai Sarala and Nicole have insignificant part to play.

The movie has cinematography by Naga Krishnan, while music is by newcomer Aadhish. While the cinematography is good in part, there is not much to write about the music.

Positive Points:

Bold theme, Sonia’s powerful performance

Negative Points:

Unconvincing and dull screenplay


Rajkrishna has tried to touch a sensitive theme. But sadly the end product isn’t very convincing. However, he can be complimented for his honest attempt.


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