Oo La La movie Review

Oo La La La Movie Review – No Logic No Magic

Oo La La movie Review

Oo La La La Movie Review

Cast: A.M. Jyothi Krishna, Divya Bhandari, Raja, Thalaivasal Vijay, Ganja Karuppu
Direction: A.M. Jyothi Krishna
Music: Sekar Chandra

Director A.M. Jyothi Krishna, who has the credit of introducing the likes of Shriya Saran, Tamannah and Ileana D’Cruz into film world, has chosen to launch himself as an actor through this film.

The title says that ‘Oo La La La’ stands for Oorvasi, Latha, Lalitha and Lavanya. But the explanation has no relevance to the storyline and hence the title seems like a gimmick to get some attraction by a ‘different’ title.


Surya (Jyothi Krishna) has only one desire in his life. He wants to have many girlfriends. But no girl is interested in him. All his efforts go woo girls in vain.

One day he meets Preethi (Divya Bhandari), who works in a coffee shop and starts chasing her seriously. His efforts impress her and she accepts to be a friend. Her friendship brings about a change in fortunes for Surya. Girls start looking at him.

Preethi slowly falls for Surya and decides to take the relationship further. But she gets the shock of his life when she finds that Surya is using her as a bait to attract other girls. Worse, she gets humiliated because of his carelessness and insensitive behaviour. Preethi is deeply hurt and moves away from him.

Surya realises his mistake and tries to console Preethi. But she is in no mood to listen to him.
Meanwhile Surya is hunted by a man, who was disappointed not to get Preethi’s love. He wants to kill Surya.

The rest of the movie deals with what happened to Surya and Preethi.

Script Analysis

Director Jyothi Krishna has chosen a story that gives scope for some emotional drama. The story has potential to be a youthful entertainer. Hero’s sloppy behavior is an interesting aspect which could have been presented interestingly. But Jyothi Krishna has failed to make use of all these advantages. He seems to have caught in a bind as to whether to depend on humour or to go serious about the behavior of the hero.

Jyothi Krishna has managed to make us laugh but overall the comical sequences are more irritating than entertaining. The comical element lacks finesse or creativity. The portrayal of hero’s parents, his friend, and his competitors in love provide some scope for interesting narrative but poor handing and unimaginative script writing spoil the show.

The movie gets into serious mode in the second half but it doesn’t appeal as the director has failed to make it credible.

Cast and Crew Analysis:

Jyothi Krishna does make a decent effort in his maiden attempt of acting. He has to go a long way in terms of dancing and emoting. He has chosen a rather easy role to make an entry.

Divya Bhandari looks good on screen and makes an impression. Ganja Karuppu’s comedy is cheap to say the least.

Thalaivasal Vijay does a good job.

Sekar Chandra’s music is disappointing.

Positive Points

Fun element and heroine’s screen presence.

Negative Points

Sloppy screenplay, unimaginative sequences and lack of maturity in treatment.


Oo La La La has nothing to offer in terms of content or style.

Oo La La La: No logic No magic


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