Ochayee Movie Review

Ochayee Movie

Cast: Daya, Thamarai, Rajesh, Santhana Bharathi, Dravia Pandian, Ganja Karuppu, Shakeela
Director: Aasai Thambi
Banner: Aachi Kizhavi Productions
Producer: Diraviya Pandian


Ochayee is the  same run-of-the-mill village story that we have seen a lot in the 80s and the early 90s. Even if we try to see something new in this movie, the effort yields no results. We keep wondering why we cannot think of a better way to spend money.

Story Plot

The film starts with sequences of Mokkai Samy (Daya) killing two strangers and eventually gets arrested by the police. Rajesh (Mokkai Samy’s dad) happens to see his son getting arrested, while returning from jail sentence on behalf of murdering her second wife due to her extramarital relationship.

Flash Back: – When Mokkachami was a child, his father Periya Mayan (Rajesh) had seen his second wife engaged in adultery, had murdered her and her lover in rage, and was sent to prison.

With his father incarcerated, young Mokkachami was left to fend for himself in the streets of Madurai. Growing up in the streets and struggling for survival, Mokkachami ventured into crime and murder. Dravia Pandian, a local dada with a golden heart, adopts the son and and introduced him into his criminal world.

Mokkachami’s loveless life and criminal history made him a ruthless man who never feels hesitated before slitting the throat of anyone who tried to oppose him or Karuthapandi.

Back to the present:
Periya Mayan tries to reform Mokkachami, but the stonehearted Mokkachami does not respond to his father’s love. Meanwhile Mokkachami’s father brings his orphaned niece Ochayee (Thamarai) to live with them and she manages to love Mokkachami after a little struggle.

At the same time, Aandi Thevar, the Pannaiyar’s(the Victim) brother and his henchmen are plotting to kill Mokkachami and Karuthapandi.

Everything boils down to the climax when Daya and Thamarai try to escape after getting married. The heroine gets killed in a lorry accident and Daya is killed by a bullet. !

< Casting Review

It was told that Rajesh stayed in and around villages surrounding Usilampatti for a month to learn about the culture and the language. We never get to see the effort.

Kanja Karuppu has not given best of his performances as his presence has not given any strength to the movie.

So has Daya, the hero. He shines in bits but gives a feeling that he has done justice to the role offered. Thamarai as Ochayee has no scope to perform. Producer Dravia Pandian scores in his role as the local dada.


Director Asaithambi has failed to mix up love and action in a right proportion. More action sequences have spoiled the script.

Ochayee is raw, meticulous in showing men of violence, and is made for the retro male.



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