Nisabdham Movie Review

Nisabdham movie review

Nisabdham movie review

Nisabdham Movie Review
Nisabdham Movie Review

Cast: Ajay, Abhinaya, Baby Sathanya, Kishore, Ramakrishna, Dir.A.Venkatesh
Produced by: Angelin Davenci
Written and directed by: Michael Arun
Music: Shawn Jazeel
Editing: Lawrence Kishore
Cinematography: S.J.Star


Director Michael Arun’s Nisabdham is a movie that revolves around the trauma of a child and her family after the child getting raped.

Aadhi (Ajay) and Aadhira (Abhinaya) love each other and get married. They lead a simple and peaceful life in Bangalore. Their little beautiful world gets devastated when their eight-year-old daughter Bhoomi (Sathanya) is sexually abused and brutally injured by a drunkard while she’s on her way to school.

The couple struggle hard to bring back Bhoomi to normalcy. They have to take care of the child who is hospitalized. They have to face the media and they have to fight in the court to ensure that the culprit is punished.

Script analysis

Nisabdham handles a very serious issue of sexual abuse against children. It does it with sensitivity and positivity. while the traumatic part is well handled the rehabilitation too has been given ample space in the movie. This approach gives the movie a positive dimension. In other words, the movie creates an impression that the trauma of the victim has to be and can be addressed well if the support system is well in place. The much needed sensitivity in such handling issues has been the hallmark of the movie. The movie has many touching moments. It creates a lump in our throats without going overboard in portraying the trauma of the child.

Some of the scenes are melo-dramatic and the turning points are quite predictable. The acting of the lead pair is not up to the mark. The initial scenes are amateurish. The court scenes are dated. But one tends to ignore such shortcomings since the movie creates the awareness of the issue in a commendable and sensitive manner. It also talks about how legal procedures increase the pain and trauma of the family of the victim. The story highlights the evil effect of alcoholism too.


Ajay and Abhinaya have rendered honest performances but their efforts fail to impress us as they are found inadequate in handling such roles. Ajay is found wanting in emotional scenes. Baby Sathanya has done a remarkable job in handling such a role with such a precision. Kishore and others are adequate.
Music by Shawn Jazeel lifts the movie to great levels. The background score is very effective. Man Meethu song would linger in your heart for a long time. S.J.Star’s cinematography is flawless.

Positive points

Sensitive approach
Baby Sathanya’s acting
Creating awareness and positivity
Touching moments

Negative points

Amateurish scenes


Sensitive approach that highlights the scope to recover from such a trauma makes the movie an important venture. The positive impact overshadows the shortcomings.

Nisabdham: Must watch


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