Nandhalala movie review


First and foremost we appreciate Ayngaran International’s effort in producing, director Mysskin’s Nandhalala as it is quite rare that producers have an interest in non-commercial themes these days.

Rumors say it is loosely based on Takeshi Kitano’s Kikujiro, but no it is not a blatant copy.

Well its not a multi crore budget film, nor a 3d flick, a movie far from all the technical wizardry, it convincingly lives up for being honest and to the point with not a drop of glamorous indulgence.


Akhilesh is a young boy who spends his childhood with his grandmother, and is taken care of by a maid whose only preference is the money she receives and not the kid’s welfare.

He sets out in search of his real mother and walks out of his school in search for her after he comes to know that she is working in a village far away.

On the contrary there is this character Bhaskar Mani, who holds an immense grudge against his mother.He is confined to a mental asylum and is relentlessly waiting for an opportunity to get out and meet his mother too. He effectively succeeds in breaking out.

On his way he meets this lad who has his mothers photograph and a map by his side, from there on they travel united, determined to achieve what they set out for.

Gradually they develop a warm friendship, despite all the differences.

The story then is all about their adventurous road trip and the characters they meet along. We come across a handicapped guide, a lorry driver and his peculiar horn Bhaskar Mani gets attracted to, a sex worker, and a crazy motorcycle duo. Rohini and Nasser play a cameo.

Throughout the story the contradictory voices of the child’s yearning for his mother and Bhaskar Mani’s quest to seek his mother’s reasoning for abandoning him are highlighted which gives the movie quite an attractive contrast.

Cast Review

Mysskin has taken many by surprise with his performance in the movie, he debuts as an actor. He could have easily chosen to direct a hero centric film but has chosen otherwise. Nevertheless his role is amongst the most important in the film as he plays the role of a 30 year old mentally instable man. The performance is appreciated, well the second half of the movie will sweep you away as Mysskin has successfully achieved to make the audience indulge and feel his point of view.

Akhilesh (Ashwath Ram) has done a great job playing the role of an 8 year old.

Actor Nasser’s contribution is noteworthy even though he appears for just a scene in the movie.

Snigdha plays a prostitute, and has put in an average effort.

Positive Points

The movie’s opening is a treat.

Script is unusual but gripping nevertheless.

Great performance by Mysskin. Hats off to him for his acting and directing.

The movie is a visual ride where pictures have an equal say as the dialogues thanks to cinematographer Mahesh Muthusamy.

The camera work seems to be quite interesting as the characters have been highlighted and there has been a sense of participation achieved.

Tamil Nadu has been captured with the grace only one could imagine. In other words splendid!

To top it all Illayaraja’s background score is the icing on the cake .He has left everyone in awe justifying Mysskin’s earlier statement that Illayaraja is the third hero of the movie.Special symphony artists from Hungary have contributed to the musical grandeur.

Amaran’s editing is smooth and has brought out the travelogue in great style.

All the characters have been established in great style.  There is a good balance between humor, anger and patience.

Negative Points

Rohini’s role is not well established.

The second half of the movie gets a little dragging.


It is not a movie for those who only care to watch action flicks and bodies all around, well the movie has a taste and it can only be relished if we appreciate the fine nuances that are gradually revealed.It’s the best bet for every penny you have put in and you need to step into the characters shoes to experience the moments.

Needless to say, a refreshing change for Tamil cinema and a path breaking one too.Go ahead and grab your golden seats, because ultimately you also have an equal part in promoting a master work of art.



  1. Nalam Virumbi

    Awesome movie. Realistic bind with each character. Background score and songs makes to melt , congrats to illayaraja. Appreciate mysskin taking the real good movie. Mynaa, Nandhalala were good example to the directors whose making only money and not worthy movies.

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