Nagarvalam Movie Review

Nagarvalam Movie Review

Nagarvalam Movie Review
Nagarvalam Movie Review

Cast: Yuthan Balaji, Deekshitha Manikkam, Bala Saravanan, Yogi Babu, Namo Narayanan, ‘Anjathe’ Sridhar, Pasupathy, Marimuthu and others
Music: Pawan Karthick
Cinematography: R. Thamizh Thendral
Director: Marxx
Produced by: Red Carpet Production


Nagarvalam has its protagonist Kumar (Yuthan Balaji), who plays a simpleton from a typical middle-class family and who works as driver of lorry fetching drinking water to localities facing water crises, falls in love with school girl Janani (Deekshitha) who has a powerful and influential family background. When Janani’s family comes to know that their girl is in love with a lorry driver, they oppose the affair tooth-and-nail.

Janani’s elder brother is a thug who is patronized by their Uncle, a typical corrupt politician. The politician and his nephew hatch up a conspiracy to finish off Kumar. Whether or not they succeeded in their efforts in thwarting the marriage and whether Kumar manages to get married to Janani have been dealt with in an interesting second-half where the last 20 minutes are rather exciting.

Script analysis

The movie is basically a love story but the script and the scenes misguide us with too many things that are actually irrelevant to the story.The murder which takes place at the beginning and the events which precede and succeed the murder give a false impression that the audiences are in for an unexpected thriller experience. However, it turns out to be a case of so-near-yet-so-far as these sequences only establish the negative (evil-minded) attitude of the above-said characters.

As the hero and heroine are shown as ardent fans of Maestro Ilaiyaraaja’ music, the take-off on the popular En Vaanilei song from Rajini’s Johnny can be excused. However, no other romantic sequences involving the lead pair is entertaining. Ironically enough, sequences featuring the lead pair appear very sluggish as they place obstacles in the script’s path.

The movie’s final 20 minutes are very good. the unexpected twist and the climax are quite powerful. But the script till this point tests the patience of the audiences for two hours.

Performance analysis

Balaji and Deekshitha have performed their respective roles very well and fit the characters in a very natural manner. Supporting cast including Bala Saravanan, Yogi Babu and Marimuthu leave lasting impression in the movie-goers’ minds. It’s high time the talented Namo Narayanan has a rethink on the characters he essays film after film as most of them appear to be one and the same!

Cinematography and editing are of top-notch; Karthick’s music and background score are equally good. The script, which should have been depicted in a special manner, is wasted by a shoddy screenplay-writer.

Though the script has a hug potential to do well, it appears to be a shoddy-work on the whole!


• Acting of the lead pair
• Cinematography
• Climax


• Needless music bits as background score
• Lack of focus
• Meaningless scenes

Verdict: The movie has a good theme and an an impactful climax. However, the major portion of the movie wanders around meaninglessly.

Nagarvalam: Lack of focus makes the movie tedious experience.

Rating: 2.0 out of five!



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