Naan Sivanakiren Movie Review

Naan Sivanagiren Movie Review

Naan Sivanakiren Movie Review

Naan Sivanagiren Movie Review

Cast: Udhay Karthik , Varsha,Sugumar,Kadhal Kannan
Direction: V.K. Gnanasekar
Production: M.N.Creations
Music: K S Manoj

Story Line

The movie seems to have borrowed the concept heavily from films like Kadhal Kondein, Nadunisi Naaigal and the evergreen classic Sigappu Rojakkal. Gnanasekar begins well but slowly loses the plot to end up nowhere.

Scores of women gets murdered and the police begin serious investigations. Enters Prabhu (Udhay Karthik). He settles down in a mansion with his friends. He comes across one Prabha (Varsha) and falls in love with her. Slowly they get close to each other when Varsha gets the shock of her life. She comes to know that Prabhu is behind the killings. As events unfold, Prabha lands in cop’s nest and it is revealed in detail why he turned serial killer.

Script Review

Debutant filmmaker Gnanasekar should be applauded for choosing a different theme at a time when commercial clichés rule Tamil cinema. However the difference is restricted only with the theme that he has chosen.

A crime thriller in the backdrop of serial killings is not oft-treaded path in Tamil cinema. In contrast the filmmakers try to play it safe handling a commercial cocktail.

The problem with Naan Sivanagiren is that it has failed to present the thriller with thrill. The movie starts well but it becomes predictable after a point. It lacks the excitement element, which is a must for any thriller. The investigation process leaves much to be desired.

The fact that the movie resembles a few movies like Sivappu Rojakkal and Kadhal Kondein doesn’t augur well for the movie.

Cast Review

Karthik and Varsha play their part well. Three cheers to Gnanasekar for extracting the best from them. Karthik with his serious looks reminds one of Dhanush of Kadhal Kondein. There is a couple of dance sequence that is typical of that film.
Varsha does her part well. She is there leaving a mark. But she suddenly disappears from the script belittling the character.
Music is a main component of any thriller but K S Manoj doesn’t come out with anything special.


Debutant director Gnanasekar has tried to give a different fare revolving around serial killing and the reason behind it. The movie starts promisingly but ends up treading a monotonous one.

Naan Sivanigiren: Predictable and tiring.


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