Mynaa Movie Special Review

Mynaa Movie Review
Mynaa Movie Review

Mynaa movie review

Star-casts: Viddarth, Anaka, Thambi Ramaiah and Sethu G Pillai
Direction:    Prabhu Solomon
Music:            D Imman
Cinematography: M Sukumar

It’s going to be a happy Deepavali for Prabhu Solomon and his team. For those who are tired of commercial masalas on Tamil cinema ‘Mynaa’ comes as whiff of fresh air.

Prabhu Solomon is a creator who had never tried to give a different story, but had always surprised with his unique style of presentation. ‘Kokki’ was a single such example which an common story of an harmless male receiving upon baddies followed by ‘Lee’, which revolved around crime in sports as good as ‘Laadam’, a opposite book which didn’t do good for a low-profiled star casts.

This time he has come out with Mynaa, a daringly different movie which is an honest attempt too. It’s a well-worn story of childhood adore set in encampment backdrops restrained to antithesis from family as good as multitude as good as hurdles faced by a couple, eventually with a shockingly repellent climax.

Mynaa Movie
Mynaa Movie

Set in the backdrop of Kurangani, a beautiful village on the border of Tamil Nadu-Kerala, Mynaa doesn’t have big names in its cast. But the impact it leaves on you while coming out of the theatre is big, so to say.


Set in the backdrop of Kurangani, a beautiful village on the border of Tamil Nadu-Kerala, the movie revolves around Suruli (Vidarth) and Mynaa (Amala) who are admired towards each other right from the childhood. Suruli helps her family in a desolated incident as good as even her mom affectionately addresses him ‘son-in-law’. But as a years pass by, Mynaa’s mom and brother decide to get Myna tied together to an additional chairman which deeply turns Suruli some-more aversive. Suruli assaults Mynaa’s brother and goes to jail.

One day, Suruli escapes from the prison to stop Mynaa’s marriage. As he succeeds in his mission, jail warden Bhaskar (Sethu) and his aide Ramaiah (Thambi Ramaiah) manage to nab him.

At one point of time, Suruli saves their lives and slowly they realise that he is good and harmless. As they venture out to unite him with his ladylove, comes a twist. What follows is a touching and riveting climax.

Casting Review:

Viddarth’s entrance movie ‘Thottu Paar’ fetched him appreciations whilst Anaka of ‘Sindhu Samaveli’ became a ‘Page 3’ overnight celebrity, for her argumentative role.

Both of them have played their parts exceedingly well. As a love-lorn girl, Anaka shows right emotions. Also in the latter part when she runs around for her life and love, she is right there giving her best.

Viddharth as ruffian resembles Karthi in ‘Paruthiveeran’. His cool body language and dialogue delivery add strength to the character he has played. Prabhu Solomon seems to have extracted the best from him.

Rest of the cast, including Sethu and Thambi Ramaiah (most of them are freshers), are tailor-made to their respective roles.


M Sukumar’s Cinematography is a single of a many successful aspects which keeps us focused towards a screens whilst modifying is tidy as good as undiluted as a transitions aren’t abrupt


D Imman‘s musical score add more strength to the script. He comes up with a brand new dimensional song for a reproduction story which has slow-paced stone duets similar to ‘Neeyum Naanum’ whilst ‘Myna…Myna’ crooned by Shaan is resplendent.

Plus points

Just similar to his prior films, Prabhu Solomon has roped newcomers as good as they have excelled scoring spirit points. Viddarth and Anaka excelled in their acting.

D Imman’s music

Appealing Story

Due credits should go to Udhayanidhi Styalin’s Red Giant movies which has already won the reputation of producing quality themes. Udhayanidhi Stalin had yet again come up with a good fresh movie.

Minus Points:

Narration is bit slow

Second half need an urgent editing.

Verdict: The movies comes as whiff of fresh air to those who are very bored with mass masala movies of recent times. Though there are some loopholes here and there, Mynaa is a remarkable film by Prabhu Solomon.

Good romantic entertainer from Prabhu Solomon.



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