Muthukku Muthaga Movie Review – Old Family Drama

Muthukku Muthaga Movie Review

Starring: Vikranth, Oviya, Mounica, Ilavarasu, Saranya
Direction: Rasu Maduravan
Music: Kavi Periyathambi
Production: Pandiya Naadu Theatres


Muthukku Muthaga speaks of the hardships of elderly couple who dream to settle down peacefully after going through some hard times bringing up their children. Saranya Ponvannan and Ilavarasu play parents to five children who are fondly called Ambilai Singams. The couple has to face a lot of hardships and sacrifices living trying to make ends meet with their small incomes. Each one of the siblings has a different ambition in life and their parents are always willing to stand by them through thick and thin. Things take a turn when the so called Ambilai Singams get married to Pombila Singams who take over the proceedings even extending their strong control over the Ambilai Singams in the movie. Thus we see the saga of an elderly couple trying to untangle the web of family relations and the rest is the course that follows. The movie has shades of director Rasu Madhuravan earlier release Mayandi Kudumbathar.


In trusting elderly responsibilities with Ilavarasu and Saranya Ponvannan the director has done a good job as both of them try to pull off a decent act. Saranya plays the one that binds the family together ala the dutiful mom. Ilavarasu has accompanied Saranya, adding in the necessary bits only when required and not going over board. Vikranth, Natraj, Monica, Oviya and Veer Samar nicely help in keeping the script rolling even though the ladies Monica and Oviya manage to irk your nerve in some scenes.


Muthukku Muthaga surely goes into the family movie slot and by trying to bring the importance of family relations the movie definitely is in the morally correct good books of many. Respecting our elders and taking care of their sentiments seems to be the prime motive of the director serving as good lesson in moral values for many youngsters out there. If you really feel the need for a break from commercial or masala cinema you can opt for Muthukku Muthaga.


The script needs to be tightened up with lots of scope for improvement. Rasu seems to have again got stuck in the ‘Mayandi Kudumbathar’ pond as he plays it safe again. The cast might have done a decent job but a lot of the times they lacked to share the real warmth onscreen. The sequences appear too jerky with the scenes showing the desperate parents trying to bail their son out of jail and next moment the scene reveals the other son having a jolly good time with his girlfriend which did appear discontinuous to the senses. With the first 15 minutes gone past by you do have a clear idea of what’s coming at you to be honest nothing hits you since you already know the age old story.


Even though the movie takes of well the graph takes a big fall as it progresses. We are left wondering if it was one of those serials on TV that inspired Rasu Madhuravan to pen the script for this one. All in all we could say you could give this one a skip but if you love family drama and delicate relationships go for it.



  1. Palani

    This is a good movie. Tear jerker ofcourse but the content of the story fits the problems devastating families in the name of arranged marriges thee days. It is all too common in today’s world of arranged marriges for the women to have the power of making or destroying a family. It is not like in olden days where women had no power. Not sure if anyone got that message out of this movie.

    I was never able to watch any of the TV serials these days but this movie kept my attention for the entire length. I would give this movie atleast a 4 star.

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