Muran Movie Review-smooth ride on a borrowed track

Muran Movie Review

Muran Movie Review

Cast: Cheran, Prasanna, Hari Priya, Nikitha, Suma, Jayaprakash and others.
Banner: Dream Theatres, UTV Motion Pictures
Production: Cheran, Ronnie Screwvala
Direction: Rajjan Madhav
Music: Sajjan Madhav
Cinematography: Padmesh

Thrillers are rare to come by in Tamil cinema. Rajjan Madhav, the debutant filmmaker has takes it in his stride to deliver a taut thriller in his first film that is convincing in parts. Away from the mad films of heroes uttering punch lines and bashing goons, Muran comes as a whiff of fresh air.

Story Line

Muran proceeds from the point of view of two strikingly different characters. Cheran and Prasanna shares the screen in the movie which begins as a a road journey ends up with some twists and turns, that are to an extent predictable.

Nandha (Cheran), who wants to become a music director, takes a ride in Arjun’s (Prasanna) car from Bangalore to Chennai. He gets acquainted with him and slowly tells his story to him. He is wed locked to Indhu (Nikhita) and their marriage is on the rocks.

The rich and suave Arjun, who loves challenges, spills and thrills in life, opens his heart to Nandha. He had loved a girl working in his father’s business. He reveals that his father had played havoc in their love, resulting in her death.

Arjun Volunteers to Nandha to bump off his wife for his good future and in turn urges him to kill his dad Devarajan (Jayaprakash), a business tycoon. A piqued Nandha walks off the place. As it happens Indhu is killed in a road mishap and Arjun comes to meet Nandha to inform that he had accomplished his task. He trains guns on Nandha to ensure that he kills his dad. When a police officer (brother of Indhu) suspects Nandha and makes him feel bad, Arjun kills him too to save Nandha from embarrassment. Thus he makes Nandha more indebted to him. He compels Nandha to kill his father.

Slowly the true colours of Arjun are revealed and this puts Nandha on a sticky wicket. The rest is all but interesting encounter between the two.

Script Review

The story is definitely fresh and the script is engaging. The difference in the charactors of Nandha and Arjun has been depicted well. The drama and the dilemma are told in a credible manner. The relationships have been handled well. The script tends to become predictable after a point but overall it is interesting. The major problem with the movie is that it is highly inspired by Alfred Hitchcock’s Strangers on a Train.

Cast Review

Three cheers to Cheran. He has played his part well. As less-spoken and dejected man, he brings out right emotions. He speaks less and let his body language do the rest.
Prasanna oozes with energy and as a spoilt brat he is right there giving his best. His dialogue delivery and mannerisms are tailor-made to suit the character.
Haripriya looks beautiful and acts well too. Nikita, Suma Battacharya (as Arjun’s lover Linda) and Jayaprakash have played their respective parts well.
Cinematographer Padmesh captures intense moments well. His hard work deserves accolades. Sajjan Madhav‘s background score adds momentum to the screenplay.

Positive Points

Story, screenplay, acting, cinematography, and back ground music.

Negative Points

Lacking in originality and turning predictable in the second half.


Rajjan Madhav has chosen a different story that has the potential to be a thriller. He has also crafted a fitting screenplay and extracted good performances. We would have been happier if he had done it without resembling Hitchcock.

Muran: smooth ride on a borrowed track


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