Music Director : Sai Thaman
Vocals : Ranjith, Krish, Suchitra, Priyadarshini, Naresh Iyer, Janani, Haricharan, Thaman.
Lyrics : Priyan, Vivega, Rohini.

Produced by Seventh Channel’s Manickam Narayanan and directed by Magizh Tirumeni, this film stars Sanjay as the male lead with three heroines-Pooja, Ekta and Lizna. Music is by Sai Thaman who has tuned six songs for the album.

Indre Indre…
Vocals: Ranjith.
Lyrics: Priyan

The merest rustle of wind instruments, strings and drums accompany this song, giving us soft contentment. Plus the Sankarabaranam raga scale helps too. The chorus that goes ‘Mudhal Murai- -’ following the swaras ‘ ga ri sa ni sa ri ga ma ga ri sa’ has a lot of ‘sowkyam’ to it. Could be a hit, like Ranjith’s earlier ‘Mazhaiyae’.

Pesum Poove…
Vocals: Krish, Suchitra.
Lyrics: Vivega

Another soft duet, but differently structured! The speedy salvos where the boy wonders what is it about his girl that made him fall for her are delightful without being in-your-face. Minimal notes from the guitars and keyboards with just a flash of wind (clarinet?) notes.

Manadhin Adiyil…
Vocals: Priyadarshini.
Lyrics: Priyan
Acoustic Drums: S.Thaman

This number stands out for its technical aspect. By choosing the madhyama sruthi of the 3-kattai scale in Harikamboji raga for this song, Thaman has been able to play around briefly with the ragas Sankarabaranam, Natabairavi and Karaharapriya which fall partially on the same scale. The result is a fascinating piece, with not much instrumental distraction. But one has to strain to hear the words. Nice, anyway, to listen to!

Vocals: Naresh Iyer, Janani.
Lyrics: Rohini

The song has a somewhat ’repetitive’ feel to it, maybe because of the raga used. Is it the harp you hear as a drizzle at the start? The lyrics suffer, having been stuffed into the rhythm. Also you wonder sometimes if what you hear is the voice or an instrument!

Vocals: Haricharan, Suchitra.
Lyrics: Rohini

A song that has emotions tumbling around, so adequately reflected by the instrumental pieces (the swirling Kiravani notes-pa ma ga ri sa, sa ni dha pa ma ga—— and going up to ni sa) and the Tamil and English raps too. But the mettu, again, has a heard-before feeling. Haricharan’s vocals are brief here.

Mundhinam Paarthen…
Vocals: Thaman, Suchitra.
Lyrics: Priyan

Aah, a neat Jazz-feel number, truly. The waft of sax, trumpets and the gentle cascade of keyboard notes leave you feeling sated.


A heartening effort from this young man this time, after his ‘Eeram’. The music is tastefully put together, especially the acoustic guitars. There is a ‘country music’ feel to some songs. Subtle choreography will stand them in good stead.


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