Mugamoodi Movie Review – Fails to entertain

Mugamoodi Movie Review

Cast: Jiiva, Narain, Nasser, Pooja Hegde, Girish Karnad
Written and directed by: Mysskin
Production: UTV Motion Pictures Limited
Music: K
Cinematography: Sathya

Fantasy stories do have a charm of their own. Not that such films are targeted at children alone, they have the ability to thrill and hold the audience’s interest through the course of a couple of hours or so.

Mugamoodi‘ is one such film and it has come on the back of huge expectations. The film’s director Mysskin is a man who is known for his sensible handling of subjects. Remember ‘Anjathe’ or ‘Yuddham Sei’ and his stock in the industry has grown steadily.

And when he picked Jiiva to do the lead role in a superhero subject naturally there was going to a lot of anticipation and it peaked gradually.


Anand a.k.a. Lee (Jiiva) is a fun-loving youth who is passionate about kung-fu and admires his master Chandru (Selvaah). He comes across Sakthi (Pooja Hegde), daughter of a top police official Gaurav (Nassar).

Her boldness and beauty attract Lee and as always in films, he falls for her. A gang of baddies led by Dragon Angusamy a.k.a Dragon (Narain) steps in. The villain of the piece, who runs a kung-fu school, turns a burglar by night and goes on the rampage with his men, leaving no clues whatsoever.

Meanwhile in an effort to impress Sakthi, Lee tries appearing before her in a super hero costume. But circumstances see him pin down one of the criminals from Angusamy’s gang. He is hailed by the media as ‘Mugamoodi‘ and it sticks.

Subsequently, events lead to Mugamoodi getting involved in a one-on-one battle against Angusamy. Also, a flashback reveals that Angusamy had played spoilsport in the life of Lee’s master.

Several fights later, good (Jiiva) gets the better of bad (Narain) and all ends well.

Script Analysis

It is a rather well-known fact that Mysskin put in a lot of effort for the movie and so did the protagonist Jiiva and Narain, who donned the negative role. In the run-up to the film’s release there was a lot of chatter about the amount of hard work that had gone in. Especially, the heavy outfit worn by Jiiva in ‘Mugamoodi’ drew a lot of attention.

It is described by the director as a simple super hero story and it does turn out to be that way with the Mysskin touch being evident. There have been Batman and Superman who have strode filmdom like no other. But, Mysskin’s offering has a desi feel to it.

At the same time, it is mandatory for such films to come with a racy screenplay, something which is missing in ‘Mugamoodi’. The story revolves around a typical modern-day youth, who combines knowledge of kung-fu and the powers of a super-hero to take on the baddies.

Despite all his sincere efforts, Mysskin has failed to make the film a completely entertaining fare. The reason is that too many sub plots told in the second half that put speed breaker in the narrative. There are too many loopholes in the scenes that lead to the climax. The abduction drama hasn’t been executed well. Though the climax fight has been executed well, there are many questions that remain unanswered.

Mysskin has also failed in shaping the character of the heroine. It looks like a poorly conceived element amidst a lot of special efforts.

Performance Analysis

Jiiva is the key man in the movie and does carry his role pretty brilliantly. He has come a long way since his debut days and now packs a real punch (ever since ‘Ko’ happened). Also, his hard work in depicting a Kung-Fu fighter is truly awesome.

Narain as the baddie is the surprise packet. Naren too steals the thunder and his work is evident. He is equally impressive in fighting sequences.

There is not much for Pooja Hegde to do while veteran Nasser scores in the chance he gets while Selva, back after a gap, is impressive.

Cinematography by Sathya gives ‘Mugamoodi’ the edge. K’s music is ok in terms of songs but his background score fails to impress. The mandatory ‘bar anthem’ in the first half is good.

Positive Points:

Good homework
Good performance by Jiiva and Narain

Negative points:

Sluggish second half
Heroine’s role
Too many loopholes towards and during the climax.


‘Mugamoodi’ is a fantasy tale that lives up to the hype in parts though it could have been a lot crisper and racy.

Mugamoodi engages but not entertains as a whole.



  1. Anand

    BGM is excellent and will take you along with the story. A well done job by K. Cinematography is OK. Lack of much comedy scenes is the only drawback in this movie.

  2. sharavanan

    mysskin spoil jeevas carrier, better mysskin take the lead role of jeeva fast you remove your sun glass then you will see better ullagam in theater lot of persons slipped at the end of the movie. sorry mysskin. better luck next but not with leading actors like vijai ajit etc…….

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